An Outcry to all!

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  • libra_spirit

    Good points Mimilly,

    Then you believe that I need to remove the Eastern Religion portions of my outcry to facilitate Christians doctrines.
    Because they offend Christians. You may be right, I need to find an approach which limits all spiritual doctrine.

    It is my intent for this not to be an issue of doctrine.

    Doctrine usually ends up being a different definition of words anyway.

    To a person from India the word "we" has a different meaning then to a Christian. If "we" are a piece of God and return there after we die, then to say "we" are God is OK. Even the Bible says the Spirit returns to God at death. The statement "We are responsible" is just saying "God is resopnsible" in a different doctrine. I have no desire to argue whether "we" are a piece of God or not, we will all find this out at death. So you are right that I need to find a broader perspective if I am to succeed at uniting a Spiritual group to bring a change to a God that man has created.

    As far as Jehovah being the God of the "astral plane", this is common knowledge, also from an Eastern perspective. The realms of yin yang interactions, clashing of opposites, battles and vengence, lay in this region of consousness. It is a definition that they have accurately recognised and given a name "astral plane". Since the God of the JW's is a God of these qualities, they have placed it below the planes of pure unconditional Love, that Jesus had truly connected with. The JW's do not recognise a quality of heaven existing above conflict. The source of all things, the "Light", exists without an opposite. This is shown in the Tao, and in Jesus teachings.

    To deny that Jehovah exists is in error I believe, there are 6 million JW's praying to him 10 times a week for the destruction of us as EX-JW's or as worldly people. They have created this force on the "astral plane" and they give it true power with thier faith, and with thier emotions. It is correct to identify the true source of this force, recognise how it is working, and deal with it, in truth. Bringing Light to a situation always exposses deception, this is the art of healing. You could liken them to witchcraft, to work in the spiritual realms to bring destruction to anyone is black magic.

    I am not sure how to proceed to unite a community of souls, to bring change to this, but I do believe that "we" as Spirit beings are responsible, especially us who know the truth, have participated, and are now turning a blind eye to its continuing.

    Thanks to everyone for your comments.


    Dave L

  • SixofNine

    File under: one born every minute.

    *just plain sad*

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