An Outcry to all!

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  • libra_spirit

    Please, tell me what you all think about this!

    A day for World Outcry!
    It's time to end the suffering!

    Join me Sept 1 and 2 (labor day weekend 2002)
    Join me on this day with your prayers, your love, your desperation, your pain, and your desire to make an outcry! One that will be felt around the world!

    Consider 6 million Jehovahs Witnesses around the world praying to Jehovah, a God of vengence, to destroy us EX-JW's, and all worldy people, over 10 times a week. Do you really think he does not exist? Consider the harmful fruitage of this, the sorrow and the human suffering. Healing is bringing the "Light" that exposes deception. I urge everyone to join in at this time and participate in whatever way you feel comfortable expressing your feelings. This can be a time of healing and drawing together, and a time to ask for change.

    The following is how I intend on observing this.

    I recognise that I am "connected" to this and have played a part in it already.

    I will be connecting with my inner Spiritual presence and asking God to hear this message. I will be asking for a healing and a change to take place within the Jehovahs Witness Organization, and within myself, having to do with my "connection". As these people have a connection with me that needs to be healed. I desire freedom. They have refused to release thier hatred towards me, and thier division in my family. As thier ill will toward me is never ending I must cry out!

    Since I left the Jehovahs Witness Religion I have gone through many changes about my belief system, and come to many painful realizations of the lies, of the family bonds painfully broken left in bitterness, of friends lost to suicide and other forms of self destruction.

    I guess there is one Spiritual part of me that has never been purged, and I call it "Calling in the Karma". It represents my lingering thirst for justice, my hatred for what is bad. I believe that when a wrong has been done to so very many people by a single group. When there are so many out there who have been dislodged, shaken, and are hurting and in pain. There is a moment when everyone turns to Spirit and asks, can there be an end to this? Will you "Spirit" or "God" please intervene? This is a moment of desperation. It is time for a change to come that will end this process! The great Jehovah, God of my youth, God of vengence, God of the Jehovahs' Witnesses, it is time for your anger to be released from my life. It is time for what they are sending out to be stopped! It is time for thier power to be toppeled! For thier high and mighty arrogance to end!
    Oh please Spirit hear me in this one thing, and do your job now that fairness and love and justice may once again be possible within my life!

    I have the inner belief that the wrongs will end. It is a Spiritual belief that I hold on to.

    As good people continue to be cast out, judged, and divided from families. As pedophiles and power seekers continue to remain in control. As the Organization continues revenues of $950 million. As many innocent children die from denial of medical treatment. I ask that we all come together asking Spirit in whatever form we are connected to it, whether it be prayer, meditation, healing work, counciling, or just plain emotions of pain. We all unite in one very large and powerful outcry! It is time to "Call in the Karma" for this Cult led by decietful men. They must face up to thier intention of harm towards me, they must change, or thier power must be toppeled. I have a spiritual right to ask this because I am the constant victim of thier doing. I have the duty to stand up to them on thier playing field and expose them for what they are.

    On the first day of September, Sunday, and over the Labor day weekend, may we all ask for this in unison. One great voice to the universe that we be heard. Our outcry is one of pain and will be heard all the way around this planet. As for me, then I will let it go, I will then ask for healing in my life to replace this desire for vengence, and for Love to replace my bitterness. I will release the vengence back to God, and then I will carefully watch to see what happens!

    This is hidden from the world behind programmed responses from members claiming it is thier choice and thier decision to do these things. We who have lived inside and are now out know the truth of where these practices originate, the Governing Body of men that are in absolute control of this group and work behind closed doors, hidden from scrutiny, refusing to be held responsible for what they do. It is up to us to ask for a change, it is time for us to ask. If we do it in unison we will be heard! We must be heard!

    Join me on this day with your prayers, your love, your desperation, your pain, and your desire to make an outcry! One that will be felt around the world!

    I ask that not a physical hand be turned against anyone in this conflict of faith. Not a single act of any violence be directed against anyone who is a Jehovahs Witness or an EX- Jehovahs Witness. This is an outcry to "Spirit", an outcry to the Universe, and an outcry to those in power. I ask only that the outcry be heard and undeniably recognized by all the world.

    We are not evil, we are not bad, we do not deserve to be killed by God!
    We do not deserve our own families to be teaching this about us!
    We do not deserve 6 million people asking God for our destruction! We recognise this as slander towards our spiritual character and we ask for spiritual justice.
    We have been trodden upon, raped, punished, and many of us have lost the will to live and have died. All for the seeking of purity of a few who are in power, preaching a god of vengence.

    Please circulate this message to everyone that you know who is or has been connected with the Jehovahs Witnesses' Religion. And any from the Spiritual community who wish to participate. This is a non denominational outcry.

    May Love and Peace be the result, and an end to the needless sufering!

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  • Prisca
    Please, tell me what you all think about this!

    If God is an all-knowing god, then don't you think he already knows what's going on?

    What is the purpose of your prayer? What is the aim of it? (sorry if you already mentioned it, and I missed it)

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    this is beautiful. here's what i think:


    and i will circulate this... to evreyone i know, not just witnesses or ex-witnesses. i appreciate this not so much from a standpoint of "mass prayer", but for the fact that on those days, all of those feelings and thoughts and emotions are all together; all being felt at the same time. a profound thing indeed. even though we can't turn the karmic wheel ourselves, it's still quite a thing to know that our angst isn't just floating out there all alone....

  • Naeblis

    This is quite simply the most ridiculous thing I've ever read.

  • ThiChi

    Hey while we are at it, lets try to levitate the Pentagon............

    Peace (Hey I do drive a 1967 VW 21 DLX split window I can talk!)

  • Been there
    Been there


    Count me in. Not a thing to lose, everything to gain.

  • libra_spirit

    (If God is an all-knowing god, then don't you think he already knows what's going on?)

    This is one of the traps of a cult that lead you to a state of non-action and desperation.

    If there is one thing I do know about God, it is his absolute prime directive not to interfere in our battles. The Gods we create on the astral plane, do what we empower them to do. You can see this from history. The JW's have created a God who is allowed to hurt many, with thier strong sadistic approval. To balance this, we must create one to neutralize him, or appeal to a "higher Loving God" to remove his power, to stop the damage to us. Take your choice. We can also appeal to everyone to at least recognise there is a problem here. This can be done with telepathy, prayer, or meditation, whatever you wish to call it, it works, and it can change the social conscoiusness. The emotional message will be heard by the Spiritual comminity.

    Irregardless of the outcome of this, I intend on ending my personal Karma with these people and resting my case. I will be done chasing spiritual rainbows and trying to make any more changes on my own. I wish to move on with my life.

    We are the creators of these little Gods, of vengence, and it is our belief and faith that gives them power. It is higher love that removes that power. Karma is the process of us balancing it using the power of spirit. Then we can be released from the battle. This is Spiritual truth from India. We are responsible for our condition, and we can change it, at the level of Karma.

    (What is the purpose of your prayer? What is the aim of it?)

    As I said, to appeal to the "God of Karma" to remove the JW Governing Body from power or signifigantly change it, balancing thier Karma. And for me personally to remove myself from this battle, and replace it with Love and healing.

    This is a method found in almost every spiritual path out there. It should be recognised by many healers.

    It is a "one last shot" before I give up!

    It is a cry from my desperation, to a God I am not certain of, and I want to know if it will make a difference. If it does not I will at least know I have tried my very best. I will walk away free of guilt because I have taken my stand.

    (We can't turn the Karmic wheel ourselves)

    This is not true, all through history this has been done. A large enough outcry and it will be put into motion! A deep enough desperation, and it will happen! Many spiritual paths teach of becomming cause in this way, working through the universe to balance the forces found there. We can have an effect! It is our non-action that will allow it to continue as it is.

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  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    ...don't give up

  • pomegranate
    (Hey I do drive a 1967 VW 21 DLX split window I can talk!)

    Hye, I'm diggin that vehicle bro!!

  • Mimilly

    you said "we are responsible for our condition"

    NO. If there is one scripture in the bible that is hard core truth - it's that time and unforeseen occurance befall us all.

    I am not responsible for being raised by a psycho father who abused me in every way.

    I find opposites in your plea. I know you mean well. Yet, when you mention Jehovah and then astral plane - well, it screams confused at best. You want to change a cult by this prayer and meditation etc. Not gonna happen. Cults do not change into mainstream religions that offer real spirituality. Then you mention getting rid of your own demons. You are speaking of two different rituals. Getting rid of your demons (JW), would require a purging or healing ceremony. I hope you learn to drop Jehovah. It is the imaginary god of a cult, and prayers would be a waste of time.

    I do admire you for your intentions and efforts. Yet you say if this one time does not work - then you will walk away.

    And we are not being inactive. Silentlambs is shining the light on the JW cult. Now THAT's action.

    My hope for you is that YOU find some sort of peace out of your plea.

    meaning well,


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