Pedophile Paradise - Lady Lee

by Lady Lee 10 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    A pedophile paradise.
    How can that be?
    Gods organization is pedophile free.

    We refuse to believe it.
    We dont want to know.
    So abuse defenders know where to go.

    The angry apostates
    just make up their lies,
    Pretend to be honest but its just a disguise.

    Deserve what they got
    Its Satan they follow
    To their debauched level they want us to wallow.

    To protect the abusers
    Ignore all their pain
    Thats how we protect our Gods name.

    Its only a few elders
    who made a mistake
    So a new policy we will not make.

    So block up our ears
    Put our heads in the sand
    Disfellowship them all, is the WT command.

    Now listen you brothers
    Oh hear me you must
    Do you know who it is you can trust?

    The witness policy
    Allows abusers go free
    Lets them take your child to sit on their knee.

    Please watch them with care
    Confidentiality a must
    Youll never know which brother is the one you can trust.

    Copyright 2002: Lee Marsh

  • scumrat
    Hello Ted Jaracz and all of your goons

    Your days are numbered you bunch of bafoons

    Your old as hell , we'll meet you there

    To make you remember, the hurt, I swear

    We'll show the world for all to see

    What you old geezers claim to be.

    Your nothing more than pieces of Shit

    Your course of action has proven it.

    Just remember what goes around comes around

    and Sooner not later, the truth will be found!

  • avengers

    Think before you're sorry.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thank you for your posts - both excellent but how sad that this warning even needs to be given

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  • Wolfgirl

    Hits a personal note with me. *sigh*

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Good poem Lady Lee


  • teenyuck

    Great poem, Lee.

    Thank you!


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Wolfgirl I'm sure it does (((HUGS)))

    Thank you William

    Hi Tina - thanks and (((HUGS))) to you too

  • FreeToBeMe

    Great poem Lady... it surprised me how much effort is required in writing poetry... thanx for your efforts here. Sums up the Org. a treat


  • ISP

    Thats neat!


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