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  • happy man
    happy man

    When I start to go out on XJW bords, one year ago, I first come to this mans board, hee have several diffrent places, wher you can disscuss religion, but i understand he was a very bigg anti JW.

    When i now read att Canal C, i find his name, and nick name, morloc, i understand that he have come back to us, i am radher sure this is T;C, perhaps someone here now how it is. I can give you some exampels of what he was saying tonigt on this Canal C,


    It's no different with the organization. Sure, there are other religions that have similar teachings and doctrines and sincere individuals. I know that better, I think, now that I've been away from the organization, than I did while keeping myself apart from those of other "faiths." And while I would have no qualms about setting foot inside a church or synagogue or temple, I would find it nearly impossible to do so to actually worship. That would be the dividing line for me.

    But just because I prefer to worship Jehovah God at a Kingdom Hall does not mean that I am obligated to accept 100% of the teachings and doctrines there--after all, if they aren't perfect, then that automatically implies that something must be IMperfect, correct? So, I refuse those things which "smell funny" to me... but only after looking at it closely. (Broccoli smells "funny" to me, but after examining it and having myself a taste, I find that I like the stuff, so I eat it now.)

    If this is THE Timothy Campel, it must bee a bigg sensaition, or?

  • ballistic

    As far as I know, Timothy Campel is not an activist and has not been a witness since the 70s. He simply runs a board. He also runs a software company and has an open email at the web site you mention so why not ask him?

  • nancee park
  • kenpodragon

    I am not sure what you are trying to say ... are you trying to say that Tim is now a JW again? If so, I think you are very wrong.

  • RR

    Actually, I know Tim aka Morloc, he and I have had some discussions in the past on Bible Student forums.

    Apparently, he was a Witness and grew disillussioned, and became inactive and began browsing the internet looking for answers, he eventually got caught up with the whole xjw scene and the anti-watchtower movement.

    It was enough to have him run back to the Kingdom Hall, but still had some doubts and began posting on Touchstone, but they told him that the forum was pro-JW and did not want top discuss issues. He evntually left, so at thye moment, I don't know where he is.

    You can go to the following link to get a gist of Tim's mentality: Morloc

    You can go to Touchstone to see his own brothers chasing him away for the sake of unity: Touchstone: welcome Morloc and Acceptable participation

  • ballistic

    NO NO you have missed happy mans point that this guy is Timothy Campbell from Beyond Jehovahs Witnesses. It's a load of bull.

  • ballistic
  • happy man
    happy man


    hello old friend, i think we was talking on his bords fore long time ago?

    but if you go to the link i give you here

    and read under the nick name Morloc, i think it is very confusing, it seem he say he is back, or perhaps he is not so unest, trying to come back to check how organisation is inn this days, how nows, He can sure answer here himself, but he dont, WHY?

    Hope you are well

    warm regards from a wery warm and sunny Sweden.

  • timxcampbell

    The rumours of my having returned to the Witnesses have been greatly exaggerated. I am still running my web site "Beyond Jehovah's Witnesses".

    I can't imagine anything short of severe brain damage that would compel me to believe in Watchtower doctrine. I can't un-learn everything I know.

    - Timothy Campbell

  • timxcampbell

    By the way, Happy Man, you can now find some of my ex-JW articles in Swedish. Here's the link:


    - Timothy Campbell

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