Reporting Time

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  • Elsewhere

    The LORD says this...

    The LORD says that...

    DAMN! Them's people's be NUTS!

  • twain30

    Counting field-service time has a disingenuos effect on the Bible's message. Now the motivation for preaching becomes pleasing men with the amount of time you report. A spirit of competition is also encouraged.

    These days book study conductors are being pressured to get the publishers to turn in their time as never before, now its become much more of an issue. In turn the publishers are prssured by the book study conductor. If ones fail to turn their time in, the book study conductor is called to the carpet.

    As a result of this process many pad their hours and placements to give a good appearance so as not to be hassled.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Yeah I think this is a new procedure. My wife got a call from her book study conductor wanting her time (this was Monday the 5th). She hasn't been out in service for several months now, and he knew that. However since the circuit overseer is coming by the end of August, he had to get creative or he would have to explain to the CO why yet another publisher had gone inactive. So he asked her if she was studying with our kids. When she said she read the Bible to them, he said "Well that's good for 4 hours right there." Having got what he wanted, the conversation quickly ended.

    I wonder how many hours Jesus counted when he spoke to his disciples and answered their questions . . . . .

  • RandomTask

    Yeah, I think also that they are now allowed to turn it in in 15 minute increments as well.

  • LDH


    THAT ARTICLE is amazing!!! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it!!!!

    I wonder what would happen if someone dared to turn in 10 minutes of service time,LOL.


  • Thirdson

    You've got to keep up with the national average.

    I heard this all the time. The mean average, as used by the WTS will always require a large number to fall well short. I tried telling this to elders; you will never get everyone in the congregation to put in average hours. It is the same as saying that not everyone will earn an average wage. I even showed the congregation realistic "averages" but still, the under achievers were looked down on.


  • Reborn2002

    An amazing article Frustr8ted.

    It serves as a timely reminder of the deterioration of the Jehovah's Witness structure.

    At one point in time their special pioneers were to report 175 hours a month and 50 return visits.

    The regular pioneers logged 150 hours.

    Even the publishers were required to report 60 hours a month!

    Now the auxiliary pioneer needn't even get as many hours as the publisher of old!

    They can even report their time in 15 minute increments, turning in a total of one-quarter hour for an entire month!

    And of course, we all know that the JW monthly averages are HEAVILY INFLATED, since so many wanted to keep elders off their backs for counsel.

    My my.. for it being the most important message on earth..and for creeping ever closer to the end (any day now).. the JW's have sure gotten LAZY!

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