The Compulsion to Confess

by refiners fire 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    I got quizzed last night who the pictures of the woman in blue were in "my Pictures". I confessed they were pics of you Xena. Please forgive me.

    Confession always gets me in more trouble than I was in before I confessed!

  • Xena

    hhhmmmm perhaps this needs to be discussed in the BACK room refiners!

  • teejay


    Just saw this thread. I read your initial post. Well... to be honest... I read the title. A couple of comments...

    It was my ex-JW buddy Aaron that said it first. I'd never thought about it. He said that he liked the way the Catholics do it: Confess in one of those little boxes to a living person who tells you how to cleanse your sins. Has to be a very comforting experience, as long as you believe.

    Secondly, we want to feel good about ourselves. The problem is: more than anyone else, we exactly how flawed we personally are. Flawed in ways, if we are lucky enough (or sneaky enough) nobody will ever find out about. I'm not speaking from experience, mind you. I've just heard things.

    So, confessions help to restore our self-esteem. Of course, confessions in JW World often leads to severe repercussions and tragic consequences.

    I had a couple of other thoughts, but the malted beverage I'm testing is clouding my thinking a bit.

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