The Compulsion to Confess

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  • Reborn2002

    refiners fire said:

    It was very enjoyable. I just told them about all the fornication I was committing and how I had no intention of stopping. And that was that. Most enjoyable dub meeting I ever attended.


    I would have LOVED to have seen that Judicial Committee hearing, and the looks on the hell-ders faces!


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  • Prisca


    I remember doing something questionable, but not df'able, and feeling incredibly guilty afterwards, but never confessed. I think confessing would have brought shame in having to admit I was a less-than-perfect dub, and I couldn't do that. So I carried my little secret around with me, feeling guilty yet never able to tell a soul.

    Finally I came to my senses, so to speak, realised I did nothing to be ashamed about, and went on my merry way. Of course, since then, I've done far worse than my previous little "sin", but I aint telling nobody!

  • Englishman

    I was imprinted with the idea that confession was absolutely vital to one's spiritual health. If one sinned, one was immediately sitting on death row until such time as the sin was confessed to. Indeed, if the sin was DF'able, even if one confessed, one was still sitting on death row until such time as the judicial committee passed their sentence.


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    The subject of making false confession. Admitting to things one hasnt actually done, became a thing of interest to me when i was studying up on cults.

    There was a glaring instance of this occuring in Russia in the late 1930s when party leaders confessed to being "evil slaves" and were afterwards executed. It amazed me that men could be led to confess to doing something they were innocent of, and I assumed that they must have been beaten and tortured into it. And often, they were. Or their families were threatened.

    But when I read Liftons "Thought Reform" (Which is a study of Chinese Communisms thought shaping methods) I got a slightly deeper picture. " Thought Reform" deals quite extensively with matters of confession, especially false confession and group pressure being applied to modify and shape thinking.The interesting thing was that it was clear that the confessor came to believe his confession was true, even though it was false. One example in the book that I recall is of a Catholic priest who is accused of being a spy and passing information onto the Americans.

    The priest denies this vehemently of course, but at one point the interogator quizzes him about his holidays and visits to Europe, "who did you see while there"?....well, so and so......"Well might HE not be a spy?"......well, he might, I suppose it is possible......"Did you ever talk about China with this man?" ....well yes......"So you might have given him infornation that could be usefull to the Americans, inadvertently?"...NO!!...."Well did you ever talk about the local Red Army base with him"?......Ummm. I might have......

    Slowly , after dozens of such interrogations, the priest comes to see how it is possible after all that he MIGHT be a spy!! These lines of reasoning are coupled with reward/ punishment techniques such as sleeplessness and physical discomfort. They also constantly play the "Good Cop/ Bad Cop" game with the priest to flip flop his thinking and feelings around while hes mulling things over. It is most interesting to note that as soon as the priest conceeds on any point and accepts the interrogators viewpoint, he is immediately rewarded with being allowed top sit up again, of to lie down and rest a while. He is left alone to absorb and integrate his new understanding into his own psyche. It is most important that each individual rationalizes and interprets the collective belief into his own psyche, and learns his own place in the greater scheme of things.

    I found it most interesting.

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Heres what Sarah Hamilton Byrne has to say about thought reform and confession within the cult run by Anne Hamilton Byrne .....

    ..."When the cult controlled Newhaven Hospital, things were very easy. Potential cult members were booked into New Haven and, once there, were at Annes mercy. Her psychiatrists would put them under LSD for days, even a week. They would be left alone in dark rooms while under the influence of the drug and every now and then there would be visitations by Anne herself. During these "go throughs" or "clearings" you were supposed to look at yourself and expected to confess to incidents you were ashamed of in the past or to secret fears or hang ups. You were supposed to abreact so these things could be put behind you and resolved. Sometimes Anne targetted special qualities, which she called "blocks" which you looked at while under the influence of the drug."....

    Of course the people werent told they were being given LSD. They thought it was Annes mystical powers affecting their minds. Anne also used special lighting and sound effects to induce the aura of mysticism that surrounded her while assisting these people.

    ..." Sexual hangups were a cult specialty.....Anne used what was said to her in these "go throughs" as a means of controlling members for the rest of their lives.If any member saw thru the veneer and realized what a hypocrite she was ,they could not leave"....

    ("Unseen ,Unheard, Unknown" by Sarah Hamilton Byrne. page 126)

  • Elsewhere

    I have never understood the Compulsion to Confess. What makes a person want to go tell another person about how they did something perceived as wrong? Does this somehow make them feel redeemed? Someone please explain this to me.

    I don't get the whole Guilt thing either. If something will make you feel bad or guilty - THEN DON'T DO IT.


    If I do something... it is because I WANTED to. Why would I feel guilty about doing something I wanted to do, and why would I want to do something that would make me feel guilty?

    It doesn't make any since.

  • Elsewhere

    An example:

    I was about to have sex with a girl... we were all into it, all hot and heavy. But then she mentioned that she was married. I asked her if going through with it would cause any harm, she said yes, so I stopped.

    I was not about to do something that could disrupt her marriage, which would in turn make be feel guilty.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Heres a good one. The Asahara "Aum" cult assisting a dissenter to come to understand the necessity to confess .

    ..." Yuko was placed alone in a small room with a television monitor. A videotape snapped on, with scene after scene of people dying: A brutal shooting, a car explosion, a bloody motor cycle accident, graphic death scenes from films. This lasted a full hour. Then Ashahras voice came on. "You cant avoid death" the guru repeated over and over. "Everyone must die". Another video began, this time they were simple cartoons, but then the screen went dark. On speakers in the room voices began to talk about Yukos descent into hell. They described ghoulish scenes of torture, horrible creatures, pain and fire. In one scene she was begging the guardian of hell for food, he forced open her jaw, breaking it, her mouth filling with blood. Then the guardian poured molten steel into her. Her body burns but she is still alive. This went on for 5 hours. Yuko was then blindfolded and led to a tiny cell, strange music played in the background. "Do you know hell?" a voice asked. "Yes Mr Judge of Hell" went a response. "Do you know hell?" the voice asked again and again. "I dont know, I dont know hell". Then came the sound of gales , of mighty winds and a woman screaming in the background. By now yuko was scared and worn down".....

    I bet she was!

    ..." Suddenly a terrible pounding began just beside her ears. Someone was there , beating a drum right behind her. The judge began to criticize her life. He knew all about her from her previous confessions. "you still cant make being a nun can you?" he demanded repeatedly, banging the drum with each accusation".....

    Hahaha. Ive had that drum beating method applied on myself. It sure does mess with your sense of balance.

    ("The cult at the end of the World" - page 177)

  • Xena

    No confessions here! tyydyy got it into his head once to confess some youthful folly but I told him you go alone and you don't squeal me out! lol afterwards he wished he hadn't such is life!

    Confession is good for the soul? I think NOT!

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