Ahh, Mother's

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    I think your and my mom are somehow related. Your comment about how she said you were fat and would never get a man was so close to what I had to go through in high school. Starting at about 11 I started to get very chubby, which my mom couldnt stand, and she would take great joy in make me feel like a fat slob. When I was 13 my mom decided she wanted a family portrait and that we would all wear jeans. Well since I was so chubby she was always saying that she couldnt find me any clothes (she couldnt because she always dragged me to the teen shop which never had anything for chubby girls) and she made me wear some of her old jeans (size 15) and later would brag to people that she was smaller than her 13 year old daughter (she was size 13).

    It's not the worst thing she has ever done, but my sister and I feel that she lost interest in us when we got to be pre-teens and when we were teenagers she was down-right hostile and loved to try to play all of us against each other. It's amazing that my siblings and I even talk today because she still tries to play those games, all the while spouting how we need to be closer as a family.


    P.S. She has told me that if my hubby loved me he would tell me to lose weight.

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    {{{{{Josie}}}}} I know exactly how you feel. I, too, was "chubby." When I look at photos I was not. I was not twiggy, however, I was not overweight. My mother constantly harped on this. "You can never be too rich or too thin." One of her favorite lines. She had a nickname for me....I can't/won't spell it. It is too painful.

    When I got out of college and started working, I got down to a size 9 from a size 12. I am 5'9". My mother then told me I was anorexic! She constantly makes remarks about people's weight and looks. I talked to her this morning (she phoned and I did not check caller ID) and she said some remarks about her sisters, calling them all fat toads! They all are about the same size....16-18 and all are about 5'5". She is the same size as them. They are fat toads; she is normal.

    At least you have your sisters. Having contact with your siblings is healthy. My sister has her own issues to work out and despises our mom. She has, again, cut off contact with both of us. She won't speak to me because I do speak to our mom. There is no pleasing them both.

    If you are happy with yourself, that is all that matters.


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