They want my kids

by Sadie5 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • kat7302

    One thing I could never understand is that when JW's saw me out, they would completely ignore me..who they'd known all my life...and talk to my children who didnt know them at all! Weird!

  • DakotaRed
    The CO started talking about my husband and me to our son and told our son that you dont always have to listen to your parents, and you dont always have to obey them.

    Odd how they can tell a kid this, yet it doesn't apply if the kid doesn't want to go to the meeting. One of the last Circuit Assemblies I attended, I remember the talk where it was said to drag your kids off to meeting if you have to, but just get them there.

    Sadie, hang in there and tell the SOB's to get off your porch, next time.

    It always angers me to see them twist and subvert the very book they claim to know so much about, just to keep their cult full.

    Lew W

  • Francois

    I kinda like the idea of the anonymous blast of a 12 guage shotgun through the front window in the middle of the night. THAT they'd understand.

    They never went after my children after I left. If they had, there would have been INSTANT VIOLENCE, and I'm not a violent man.


  • witchywoman

    Thanks for posting this. It can people to understand the how these people work and to stay away from this cult.


  • Swan

    For years they haven't been to my door. I think I was on the "Do Not Call List" (the only good thing the JWs ever invented, BTW). One day I saw one of their tracts on the counter, so I asked how it got there. My husband said some women stopped by that day and gave it to him. I was furious! Not at him, because he didn't know who they were. I was furious with them for speaking to my husband. I almost called up the local KH (it was a Thursday night) to tell them to keep their tarts away from my house and quit trying to steal my husband. Eventually calm reason prevailed and I didn't make the call. Since then, I have learned that they stop by occasionally while I'm at work. So now I figure it's open season. They won't quit trying to recruit my husband (at the home of a known DA person), so I figure that it's certainly fair for me to try to decruit the rest of my family from their cult.

  • Mimilly

    Get a restraining order. If one ever tried to usurp my parent-hood - I'd blow a gasket. THey have NO right to do this - and it IS harrassment.


  • Bang

    I caught them trying to talk to my young son and give him magazines, instead of asking to see his parents - I'll admit that I ventured into an "alert and amenable to delivering all harm mode" for the time.

    I'm not concerned now, as my son has already had first hand experience of jw assholism. He has already seen a folded arm fruitcake arrogantly upset his mother (considerably) and remain unrepentant. He won't forget it. I explained how he was jw.


  • ugg

    oh god,,,,,,how awful......

  • revdrjohnson
    While I feel for you I can't help but hope you will be detached enough to let your kids think for themselves. Afterall, isn't that what we want for ourselves?


    I'm usually reserved in my remarks, but ...

    This is the most ridiculous bunch of PC BOVINE EXCRETION I've heard -- except the drivel that comes from the pro-bies like fredhall, and that bunch.

    If that had been me at the door I would have BLASTED the CO.

    Allowing children to think for themselves does NOT mean that you abdicate your role as parent; nor that you don' do ALL YOU CAN to protect them from things that you in your wisdom deem harmful.

    Sadie said her children were playing in the background -- which suggests that they must be relatively young. NO ONE has a right to disregard -- and outright DISRESPECT -- these parents: as if they were incapable of raising their children, or provide whatever spiritual atmosphere for their own children that they fell is appropriate. That this yokel felt he had the right to do it irks me, and should irk any and every sensible parent.

  • Billygoat
    Allowing children to think for themselves does NOT mean that you abdicate your role as parent; nor that you don' do ALL YOU CAN to protect them from things that you in your wisdom deem harmful.

    I really am not trying to get this thread into a flame, but this quote is awesome! I'm not a parent, but the fact that some parents let their kids do WHATEVER just gets my goat! It is the total opposite of what JWs teach (control, control, control) and I think it's great that you let your kids think for themselves, but there is a line, right?

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