They want my kids

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  • Sadie5

    Ran into some JWs today. Was out to lunch at a restaurant with 2 of my kids. There were 2 tables full of JWs, I wondered what the occasion was. The JWs couldnt return my greeting of hello to them, (Im not da or df). They did however carry on a conversation with my sons. One is in his 20s and moved out and married, the other is a teenager and still at home. The JWs were asking about where the older one lived.

    I hate the fact that they try to target my kids. When we first left the CO came to see our oldest son. We work together at our family business and I was working the counter when the CO came in with another brother. He asked to speak with M for a few minutes, so I called him to the front and then pretended to be busy. Apparently the accompanying brother didnt tell the CO who I was. The CO started talking about my husband and me to our son and told our son that you dont always have to listen to your parents, and you dont always have to obey them. I didnt say a word and eventually the CO left.

    The very next day the CO came back and said:Sadie, I didnt realize who you were. I was so angry at him and I told him I did not appreciate what he had said to our son and that he was telling our son to disrespect us. I told him that you are not going to split this family apart. I then told him he would have to leave as I was very upset with him. Of course there was another brother with him and several different renditions of this were spread through several congregations. I was a marked woman from then on for speaking my mind to the CO.

    The CO did come back on his next visit a few months later, he apologized to me and brought me some printed out article from the bound volume, ones about dont hate Jehovah and stuff like that. We had a long talk and he said he felt I had drawn away disciple after me(my own family) but they werent going to do anything if I kept my mouth shut to others outside my family and my husband was my head, so they would have to deal through him to deal with me.

    On his next visit he came to our house, and my husband answered the door. He stood in the doorway, blocking the COs entrance. The younger kids were playing behind my husband. The CO said, he had come to see the children to see how they were, if they missed their friends at the Kingdom Hall. He called out to them and tried to go around my husband. My husband is a big man and just leaned toward the CO and said why dont you leave my kids out of this? The CO nearly fell backwards, the brother behind him looked shocked that my husband would do this. They left and never came back. Theres been rumors that my husband has said he does not want witnesses at our home and so no one has been by in over 3 years.

    But they try to talk or keep in contact with our kids.

  • Carmel

    While I feel for you I can't help but hope you will be detached enough to let your kids think for themselves. Afterall, isn't that what we want for ourselves?


  • jozb5

    The arrogance is amazing. They would have your kids disrespect you and disown you. Unbelievable!

    What do your kids think about all this?


  • Elsewhere

    That SOB!

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    jesus freakin christ

    tell those freakshows that if they come near you or your children ever again you'll sic the law on their sorry a$$e$

  • Sadie5

    To Josie: My kids don't like it that their parents are treated this way. My younger kids don't like JWs, if they are out playing and someone with suit and tie drives in, they run inside. The older kids said they don't want any part of it either.

    To Carmel: yes I step back and let my kids made decisions, even when I can see it isn't the best thing for them to be doing. I never pushed my kids to be witnesses when we were all in. I wanted it to come from their heart and not feel forced to do things, so they didn't join the TM School until they were older and could handle the assignments. Our oldest got baptized at 18 because he wanted to, at the time, I thought he wasn't ready yet but kept my mouth shut. When I found out the truth about the truth, I kept it to myself for a long time until my family questioned me because I wasn't so enthusiastic about it anymore. Then I showed them what I had learned. When my husband and I left we told our children why and didn't let the younger kids go. the older one went for a time, until something happened and then he quit too.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    No shit, what arrogance!!!! The more I read, the more pissed I get. Who in the hell do these people really think they are?...I already know the answer to that.

    Well I'm certainly glad that your hubby stood in the doorway...sound like some that need that swift kick in the ass. I really do despise those pricks. That would include any of my own family members, too. Sick, Sick, people!!!!!!

    While I'm at it, when I heard through the family grapevine years ago how my neice, aged 13 at the time, had been molested by a "brother" that literally climbed through her bedroom window.....and after reading the horror stories on these forums; I think my elder brother-in- law, and my sister are spinless wimps.

    Granny, who is so pissed I could really get on a rant. Come on you JW's. PLEASE knock at my door.

  • bluesapphire

    Sadie this is ludicrous! It's like my sister who walks sideways not to face or stare in the face of an "apostate" (I'm not da or df either). Yet she goes up to my daughters and gives them hugs and kisses and tells them she misses them and loves them. Yeah right until they make it clear as adults they want none of her bullshit religion.

    Carmel, I understand what you're saying about letting the kids choose for themselves. However, I disagree. The underaged ones absolutely should not be exposed to this cult. PERIOD! Would you expose your children to Jim Jones in the name of letting them choose for themselves? I don't think so. As for the older ones. Yes they are old enough to choose for themselves. But even as people like AlanF, Kent, Randy Watters, etc. have worked hard to provide the necessary information so that people can make INFORMED decisions. We should make sure our kids have all that information as well.

    As for my sister, the way I handled it was I told her, "When you stop acting like a Pharisee and when you stop shunning me is when you'll get to be around my kids again." The ball's in her court. I don't want her trying to put ideas into their head like the CO tried with Sadie's kids. I can just hear her, "You don't have to listen to your mom. I will pick you up and take you to meetings, etc. etc." Yeah, well not even when I'm dead and six feet under! The rest of the family will see to that!

  • witchywoman

    Good for you! For standing up to that peice of s**t that calls himself a CO. You`ve got a great guy too. These people need to be stopped. They have been using manipulative practices for so long that they think that they have a right from god to do so. Neither of you have done anything wrong, and they have no right to come onto your property and behave in that manner.


  • teenyuck


    You are a great mother. You are protecting your children from this harmful, family destroying group.

    This kind of incident makes me very angry. Families have a hard enough time and they try to insert a wedge. I really do hate them.

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