Whatever happened to...

by Inkie 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Inkie

    Goodboy? Goodboy from H20? I was reading down the list and saw Badboy and was reminded of Goodboy and wondered if he posts here under a different moniker?

  • Vivamus

    Welcome Inkie,

    There is a newbie Goodboy on this forum. Don't know if it is the one you mean.

    What is H2O by the way?


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  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    i still wanna know what happened to terafera.. she was cool.

    p.s. sorry, i never heard of goodboy. i hope you find him though

  • RandomTask

    H2O was like the old JW board, right?

  • Matty

    I find H2O a mess of a site. Here's the link:


  • Stealth

    .... and what ever happened to Friday?

  • Vivamus


    I just followed the link to H20, (thanks Matty). it is the same Goodboy allright. See for yourself on members on this forum.


  • Inkie

    Thanks to you all. I'm still learning how this computer thing works. I am so surprised at the things I don't know. Ignance! Ah well.... Again, thanks, everyone.

  • Vivamus

    Hey Inkie,

    Well, I think it is safe to say that we've all been surprised at the things we didn't know. But this is a great place to learn.

  • Goodboy

    Goodboy? He was the guy in Titanic who hit that propellor blade on the way down. Poor bastard.

    I'm his illegitimate son, Goodboy Jr. I just usually drop the Jr. part. Thanks for again finding a way to mention my dad and so destroy my individuality.

    Ah yes, the old H20. Well, isn't this place still run by some guy named Kent or Ken or something? I never paid attention. I went away for a while and probably will do so again.

    It's a funny thought that just occurred to me: I have been using electronic bulletin boards for 17 years. When I was a kid, I had a bunch of aliases I used on one single BBS. Now, I have two or three that I use for the 300 "BBS" systems of each individual web page. Damn.

    It's funny to kind of come back after a while and see people I knew then, now engaged in arguments, proofs and superstitions about identity -- "If you look closely, you'll see that the so-called "elder0ldSK00l" is actually the moderater as...". It's funny because I could always tell who the person was by the writing, not the name. Well, I'm speaking of the people I actually paid attention to.

    The best thing I remember from the old H20 was a debate I had with this one guy. He was the smartest guy on H20. Very considerate, thoughtful and intelligent. We went back and forth on the subject of selfishness vs. altruism and it became a core philsophical discussion. Wish I'd saved that little thread.

    Anyway, I imagine I'll always use "Goodboy" when I post in JW circles. I'm known as "Badboy" in the Bondage/S&M circles, and as Spackleboy in my home improvement web haunts.

    Viv: DAMN you look hot in that picture! Out to sedu ce and destroy all these solid young JW and EX-JW brothers?

    ...Or are you just a tease?


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