Praying to Jehovah.......

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  • Bhagavad

    .......Certainly never got me anywhere, did not even help my wife to survive cancer, in spite of Jesus' admonition to "ask anything in my name." There are opinions among some students and researchers of the Bible to the effect that the God and Father Jesus prayed to was NOT Jehovah. Just try to find "Jehovah" in the Sermon on the Mount, even in the NWT. And that Jehovah and Jesus' Father are two different gods and that Jesus was actually starting a new religion and that it was NOT the religion of the Israelites' bloody vengeful jealous Jehovah (even tho the Jews were no longer using the Name) and that's why he got killed. Anyone can see from the Bible the difference in these gods' personalities and ways of dealing with people. More than one almighty God? "Amazing!", as Doc Emmett Brown would say.

    So maybe my wife had to die of her malady (not that we all don't at some time or other) because we were praying to Jehovah instead of to Jesus' Heavenly Father.

    I can't help having the ideas, actually, that it's dangerous to worship ANY God that claims to possess a personality, that we're here because of mysterious forces and we should try to do our best to be moral people, and that if there truly is some God with a personality he/she/it will forgive us for being so confused about religion, thanks to JW's and each and every other "organized" sect that is around or that has been.

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  • Vivamus

    I am sorry of your wife Bhagavad.

    Praying never got me anywhere either. And there are different personalities of God in the bible. Karen Armstrong wrote an excellent book about this, "A history of God".


  • Crazy151drinker

    Sorry about your wife......

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    organized religion has very little to do with god, and everything to do with greed and looking after itself. it's spirituality that matters. a mountain range or a forest can be just as good a cathedral as one made by man... i think of that when i hear this song.


    Church not made with hands The Waterboys

    Bye-bye shadowlands
    The term is over
    and all the holidays have begun
    Now she walks in fresh fields
    her tracks are on the land

    She is everywhere and no place

    When it's dark and evening falls
    she moves among men
    They would seek to have her as a prize
    But she is in the shadows
    the ocean and the sand

    She is everywhere and no place
    Her church not made with hands
    Not contained by man

    She is dancing high as clouds
    Faster than the arrow
    as straight as any crow that flies
    Accross great seas she travels
    up through rising lands

    She is everywhere and no place
    Her church not made with hands
    Not contained by man

    Isn't that a pretty sun
    setting in a pretty sky?
    Will we stay and watch it darken?
    Will we stay and watch it darken?

    The church not made by hands
    Not contained by man
    That precious place
    Unmade by man

  • LittleToe

    Sorry to hear that - tragic.

    I sometimes get a better response praying to Christ, since all things are in his hands (Matt.28:18).

    Of course I was forbiden to do that as a JW

  • pomegranate

    I sometimes get a better response praying to Christ, since all things are in his hands

    I'd yell BINGO if I were playing.

    The word "Jehovah" is a concoction developed by a Catholic priest in 1270. How the heck did this MAN MADE TRADITION become accepted as God's TRUE name?

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  • SixofNine

    Considering the intense subject matter of a man watching his wife die, is it really the time to be selling what your selling? And would what you're selling have saved his wife? I think not.

  • pomegranate

    The man who's wife died is also "selling" that Jehovah is not God.

    I concurred in agreement with a fact.

    By the way, I think neither he nor I nor Little Toe are "selling" anything.

    Are you selling anything?

  • SixofNine

    You can defend it if you want, personally, I find it sickening.

  • heathen

    From what I understand the name jehovah was an interpretation of the tetragram YHWH .HOwever the pronounciation of jehovah was in in use before the watchtower started using it by bible scholars .The Watchtower does admit that they cannot prove that this is the correct pronounciation but I know for a fact they are extremely touchy about using any other pronounciation.They argue that the word only translates in one way so they simply went with that.Since jesus is really only referred to as a mediator they came to the conclusion that praying to jesus is defaming GOD allmighty.Which does bring me too another arguement I have with the jw .The bible clearly states that every knee in heaven and earth would bend before jesus but I never see them kneel while praying in a position of humility in fact they want everyone standing during prayer .The last time I went to investigate the goings on of the local cong. I remained seated during prayer (not that I actually prayed along or anything) I do not except their lead in spirituallity and am not a nor ever been a member of the church.The WT however does claim you can remain in any possition during prayer so I can't see how any problem could arise from it anyway unless they decide to be the dick heads we know they can be.

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