OK, I was a wuss today.....

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  • bikerchic

    Wow sorry (((((((Mimilly)))))))


  • BeautifulGarbage

    I must admit I am a wimp when it comes to the dentist.

    I really don't have a good reason why. Probably because I'm suppose to be. I didn't even go for the first time until I was 23 and had dental insurance. Oh, my Dad thought himself to be a "dentist in training" when he decided to pull out my front top tooth with the plyers when my permiment tooth was growing in behind. Wouldn't want to cut into his beer money.

    Very fortunate for me, I did inherit his extremely strong teeth. We both have twice the normal enamel. So, when I did finally get to the dentist, I only needed ONE filling. That is the only dental work I have ever needed.

    I went a few months ago after waiting three years. Just needed a cleaning.


  • pomegranate

    Nitrous Oxide

    - I'm very happy at the dentist. Pull all my teeth out, I'll just gum my food to death

    I LOVE that stuff. I asked my dentist if he would prescribe a tank that I could walkl around with.

    He said NO.


  • finnrot

    My wisdom teeth were growing in sideways and killing me. When the dentist was trying to pull them out he actually had to put his knee on my chest to pull them out, after snapping the teeth into two pieces. Have you ever heard the sound that a nail makes when it's being pulled out of wood? Well that's the sound I heard in my inner ear.

    The pain would have been unbearable except for a new friend they introduced me to. He goes by the name Nitrous Oxide. It's weird, it's seems like I could feel the pain, bit I really didn't care. Mr. Nitrous and me said bring it on.

    I think the dentist broke my jaw, because even 10 years later, I still have a hitch in my jaw when I open and close it. Oh, well at least it doesn't hurt.


  • onacruse

    Well, at least the hard part is over, eh? I've had enough dental work done to buy my dentists a vacation home in the Bermudas.

    I think going to the dentist engenders more than the usual fear because it is one of the very few "invasive" procedures that we undergo while still conscious. Surgeries, people just figure, knock me out doc, and wake me up when it's over.

    There IS something unsettling about hearing/feeling/smelling that drill grind its way into the nerve endings, the crack and twist of that tooth being pulled out, the painful stretch of ligaments and tendons in the contorted face, the.......

    Feeling better now, wuss?

    Craig (of the now has dentures class)

  • Sirona

    Aww Mimilly,

    I understand, and I think you've been brave not to run off in the other direction when they mentioned all that dental work.

    I think we should be thankful that we're not living 50 years ago. My mother had one of her teeth pulled by a drunken dentist without anaesthetic and when she cried he smacked her across her face!

    Needles are not nice, but they numb the pain....


  • Sirona

    Onacruse, I agree about it being something to do with being conscious while they do it. I'd much rather be knocked out than have surgery being aware of what they're doing.

    I also think its something to do with your head. I have a theory that its an evolutionary trait to protect your head above all else (for obvious reasons) and that head surgery of any kind makes you feel really unwell. E.g. not being able to eat, etc. is worse than having pain somewhere else in your body.

    Is it just me who thinks this? Personally I'd rather have twice the pain somewhere else in my body than half the pain in my head. Its sort of such an invasion because I think of "me" being up there, whereas bodily pain can be mentally separated from "me"....

    Am I strange?


  • Scully

    I never used to be afraid to go to the dentist, until I had a root canal. When I was 18 I had my wisdom teeth removed, and watched with interest via the reflection in the dental surgeon's splatter-guard goggles. So I had no justifiable reason to be nervous about dentistry.

    It happened on my 31st birthday (I was in agony and it was the only emergency appointment that was available). I also hate those clampy things they screw around your tooth, but in addition to that, they attached a metal FRAME with spikes on its four corners that held a latex dental dam snugly in place over my pried-open mouth. The dentist poked a small hole in it and hitched the opening around my aching tooth.

    For some reason the freezing didn't agree with me, and the smell of the dental dam (like old rubber balloons) was making me nauseated.

    Oh, did I mention that I was left ALONE in that condition?

    Did I mention that I had NO WAY of calling for help if I needed it?

    Did I mention that I PUKED and ALMOST CHOKED TO DEATH ON IT because of that FRIKKIN DENTAL DAM and being LEFT UNATTENDED??

    Did I mention that I ended up with a post-root-canal infection that sent me to the hospital because the dentist's office was closed??

    Yeah, I HATE going to the dentist now. Can't possibly imagine why.

    Love, Scully

  • SpiceItUp

    my front tweo teeth were knocked out in 4th grade so i have been apprehensive of the dentist since then. Just over a month ago one (rather the remainder of it) of them needed a root canal. A root canal on my front tooth. fortunately I have a great dentist ( a woman) and she is pain free and I will have no qualms about her doing anything in my mouth ever again. The experience was nice and she and her assistant talked and joked around with me and made me feel very comfortable.

    Get a pain free dentist----believe me it is sooo worth it. My smile will never be the greatest but darn it---now I am not scared to show the teeth anymore.

  • COMF

    I like going to the dentist. They always give me a Vicodin prescription afterward. Supposed to carry me through any residual pain for two or three days. Ahhh, hydrocodone! Life is good. :)

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