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  • ugg

    i just wanted to take a moment and thank every one who posts and those
    who visit in "chat"....because of my situation i have no association....
    lonliness is a problem for me....but that void is being filled with
    this site....i can assure you,,,it is a void that really needed filling!!
    i enjoy everyone in chat so much....there are all different personalites
    but not any i haven't liked so far....for those who have not tried it,,
    you should....

    special thanks to those who write the forums,,,or threads...i am unsure
    what they are called...i am a mental mess,,,for numerous reasons...i
    read some thing on this forum "beliefs,doctrines,and practises"
    under the heading "defensivness" was such an eye opener for me....

    ice blue,,and lisa bobessa don't realize it,,,but they made me so happy..

    i cannot go to a kingdom hall or even look at witnesses...i have been
    this way for a year...i am a "fence sitter"....i cannot listen to any
    thing they say,,,or stand to look at any publication....

    i will break every command of theirs under the sun,,,and at the same
    time,,,defend the witness and doctrine beliefs...

    i am thinking,,,i am beyond a mental mess...YOU CANNOT IMMAGINE how i
    felt when i read the experiences of these to people....they feel and
    act exactly like i have done.....

    I AM NOT ALONE!!!!! it must have some thing to do with all the training
    we have recieved at witnesses...some thing deep in our minds or spirit...
    that makes us do this...

    so,,,thank you all for your friendship and understanding....SPECIAL
    THANKS TO ice blue and lisa didn't know,,,but oh how
    you helped....

    i was a jw for 30 years....i wonder if i will ever be "normal" i feel
    like making them pay for my medical expenses...doctors visits,,,
    antidepressants,,,therapy sessions....all of this in the name of god!!

  • Hmmm

    Thank YOU, Ugg.

    When you share things like this with us, and tell us how much it helped you to learn that others were in the same boat, you help others who are in the same boat

  • LuckyLucy

    i am a mental mess,,,for numerous reasons

    Join the fit right in!!

    Seriously.. Welcome welcome welcome!!

    This place has "saved my life" believe it or not, I was on the verge of suicide...when God lead me here.


  • jack2

    ugg, I'm glad you have found people here that you can relate to! The situation you have endured/are enduring is very difficult indeed. Hopefully, this board will continue to help.

  • sunshineToo


    Thank you for your post. If you need someone to talk to, just send me an email.

  • onacruse

    ((ugg)) Like the others have said, when you share your personal experiences here on the board, and when we are in chat, you make ME (read "all of us") feel very much better too. You have a real sense of humor! Seeing how you have opened up in the last few weeks gives me hope for myself too

    Craig (of the just starting to recover class)

  • witchywoman

    ((((Ugg)))) I looked you up and saw that you have answered my story. I am sorry to have overlooked you, it was not intentional. I have tried to answer everyone that posts to my personal experience. I am glad you have the internet and can reach out to us. Just keep trying to take one day at a time for now. It`s good to hear that this place and some wonderful people here have helped you.

    About a month or so ago my brother and his wife went to the bank to take care of business when a character that looked out of place was getting a drink of water, then disappeared into the restroom. After taking too long in the restroom my sister-in-law inquired about the person still in the restroom. When their turn came up, you guessed it the man appeared with a gun to rob the bank. Everything was suddenly intense. Their teller was quiet but nervous. My brother and his wife were terrified. The robber got what he came for and was being quietly walked to the exit with the person in charge. He saw police cars sitting outside and yelled if anyone had called the police to which the answer was no. Someone made a comment that they probably are just parked there. He motioned for my brother and sister-in-law to leave first and made the comment that they were not supposed to be in there, and that he thought that they had already gone. Once out the police yelled to them to run over to the police car with their hands in the air. Which they did do. The robber tried to walk quickly in another direction. He was apprehended and taken in.

    My sister-in-law now is afraid to go to the bank, I`m not sure if she is still seeing a therapist, but she was. In the long run it was discovered the gunman`s weapon was a toy. Can you imagine that. It made no difference at the time it was happening.

    The WTBTS also has a lot of people under their control with an emtpy gun. There is no one that they have come in contact with that has not been affected somehow.

    Once again welcome aboard! Glad to see ya!


  • Gopher


    Hi from a fellow Minnesotan. My circumstances differ from yours, yet this site was a great help to me (along with the Freeminds site) when I was at my personal crossroads (go back to the JW's or not). The information here helped confirm that I had made the right choice and that the JW's aren't the "loving, worldwide brotherhood" they claim that they are, even though I had been "in" from birth until age 39.

    Also the friendships and acquaintances out here do make up for some of what I had lost. This site was a godsend to me a year ago. I am so glad it's still here and thriving, so that people like you can also benefit. I hope there thousands more like you, Ugg.


  • BluesBrother

    Hello Ugg

    Welcome , you are just the person to fit in here!

    It is amazing to find others that understand us , even on the net . Thank God for the board!

  • Dismembered

    Welcome Ugg. Time will make you feel better

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