Confession Time!

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  • SYN

    Matty, you are BAD! Damn! A fine Apostate example if I ever saw one

  • Elsewhere

    I must confess that I had a blast with all of the HOT ApostaBabes in Dallas!

    They were VERY friendly.


    Hey Kathrine

    Is your father JV and is the Abuser you refer to in Llantwit Congregation MS?

  • kat7302

    Hey Martin.......forgive me for being discreet here but I dont know your current standing within the Jw's. Funnily enough, I did see your name not so long ago when I was looking through the members list and I wanted to email you because I do know you but your email address is locked. Thats not to say that you're right but yes I know you. Email me and let me know what you're up to now......always lovely to meet up with someone that I actually know!

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  • kat7302

    Matty, you are so gonna be punished when we meet up for your unruly behaviour!

  • kat7302

    Incidentally, one thing I forgot to add......whenever I got surplus cash, i did use to put money back because I felt really guilty so dont get too bad an impression here! It was the taking in the first place that was wrong but I honestly did put it back!

  • Solace

    I sometimes have very naughty thoughts about fellow posters....

  • COMF

    I'm ROFKF at sleepy!

    My private sins, now going public:

    1. I once looked at a woman with lust in my heart.
    2. I stole a stick of chewing gum from a pack on a coworker's desk.
    3. I ate salty popcorn even with high blood pressure.
    4. I called a driver a poopoo head because he didn't move out of the fast lane.
    5. I stuck out my tongue at my girlfriend.
    6. I did #5 again at her request.
    7. I did #5 a bunch more times.
    8. I cut the Federal Law tags off my pillows.
  • kat7302

    Why do I get the impression that this thread is NOT being taken seriously! I have bared my soul guys!

    MARTIN - I have taken the liberty of reading some of your threads to get a bit of background on you! Sorry to hear that you were DF, sounds like you had a rough ride of it too. I guess its frightened me a little that someone I know could read all the stuff Ive written! Especially as you know my family etc, that makes it tough because of you were still a JW, my family could be hurt by things Ive posted on here. I did say this in another thread that sometimes I can be too god damned honest! In answer to your questions tho, yes, your right. I was more reluctant because I do remember you being friends with MS, in fact Im sure it was at their house that I first met you. Small world huh! Email me cos I would love to catch up with you (but ssshhhh, dont tell my dad!)

  • kat7302

    lol at cool breeze, thats a good story! Intestinal issues huh? must remember that one!..not that I could use it being female!

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