Confession Time!

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  • kat7302

    Forgive me father for I have sinned......

    I think its time we all got off our chest all the naughty things we did whilst rebelling against the JW's!

    Ive got too many to list but I think somewhere near the top would have to be......

    (Drumroll........this is actually quite bad and I may get reprimanded by some of you)

    We used to have the Tuesday group meeting at our house and I used to take money out of the contribution box to support my Nicotene,music and chocolate habit!

    I actually still feel quite guilty about this so id love to find out what others have done...preferably worse so Ill feel better!

  • Dizzy Cat
    Dizzy Cat

    That is quite bad ... but it made me smile.

    Never really got up to much myself when I was involved, as I was WAY too concerned about a rock with my name carved on it, hurtling towards me from the sky. But when I walked away from the society, initially I went a bit loopy shall we say. Started drinking heavily, had sexual relationship etc Now I have settled down into a quiet/balanced life again.

    I did witness others in the congregation getting up to very (un) Christian activity. Like drinking heavily and then being sick, messing about with sisters, swearing, fighting etc. Quite took me by surprise actually and I never could understand how these people who I believed were Gods' people, could behave in this way in good conscience. Two brothers were also very vocal about the society not having all the answers - shock horror !

    One guy who was (and propbably is) an absolute arsehole I would love to name and shame ..... you know who you are J*** D** from Great Barr cong :o) What an absolute tosser - he was abusive / rude / arrogant / two-faced and to top it all, was a respected member of the cong' due to his servant status and *lovely talks*. They had him cut out to be an elder. At the meetings he was sweetness and light, but away from the hall, another person.

    Very odd.

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  • kat7302

    Youll have to email me the name, I may well know him!

    I havent seen you on here before and as your from the UK, we may well know some of the same people.

    You're right, it is VERY bad and one thing that Im actually very ashamed of but I do know that there were tons of things going on within the congregation which were not entirely scriptural, it seems to be the same in every congregation which you never realise until you actually leave and get the outside looking in perspective.

    Email me whenevr with your details, Id love to knwo if we have any of the same aquaintances! Im trying to think of that name and Ive come up with a couple of people it could fit!

  • SYN

    Got up to ALL SORTS of naughty activities! Unfortunately most of them are way too hot to mention here!

    Didn't smoke or drink though, for reasons of my own entirely unrelated to the Tower's recently-broken grip on my mind.

  • Carmel

    Seduced the Cong Servant's wife... just kidding!


  • kat7302

    bummer Carmel - that would have made a great story!

  • Dismembered

    ours is to ugly

  • kat7302

    Thats a weak excuse, we're all friends here!

  • sleepy

    Once I was so angery I didn't put the top back on the toothpaste!

  • Matty


    I was once late with my service report and so they had to carry it over to the next month making me an irregular publisher for a month.

    I lost my personal copy of my speech counsel and so the school overseer had to write me out a new one.

    I forgot to close a gate after me on one of the doors a couple of days ago.

    I played the wrong song once when I was on the sound.

    I used two paper towels in the toilet at the convention last week, when the attendants told us we should only use one each.

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