JW preaching work to end in the 20th Century

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  • Frenchy

    Okay, quit digging up these old bones! LOL...

  • Haereticus

    I did point out this change (among others in that matter) of text on a local religious forum. What I got back was dub-explanation: "With any book new editions always have corrections, it is natural." So it is as simple as that, just ask dubs and they'll explain to you.

    How on earth dubs think that leaving the Borg makes one stupid?

  • MikeMusto

    I dont think they said 20th century..

    *** w89 1/1 11-14 "The Hand of Jehovah Was With Them" ***

    8 About 47-48 C.E., God, through holy spirit, indicated a decisive move for the expansion of the missionary work. The record at Acts 13:2-4 tells us: "The holy spirit said: Of all persons set Barnabas and Saul apart for me for the work to which I have called them. . . . Accordingly these men, sent out by the holy spirit, went down to Seleucia [the seaport of Syrian Antioch], and from there they sailed away to Cyprus." How thrilling that must have been for Paul and Barnabassailing to their first foreig n assignment! The apostle Paul was spearheading the Christian missionary activity. He was also laying a foundation for a work that would be completed in our day.


    Paul went on to make three recorded missionary tours plus his journey to Rome as a prisoner. In the course of these, he opened up the work in several cities in Europe and preached the Kingdom message in countries and islands that today are known as Syria, Cyprus, Crete, Turkey, Greece, Malta, and Sicily. He may even have reached Spain. He helped establish congregations in many cities. What was the secret of his effective missionary activity?

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  • Haereticus


    Pls read the first message again, as text has been altered and Harmagedon postponed once again.

  • MikeMusto

    its getting harder to believe God has any involvement with this org everyday

  • Billygoat

    Tsk, tsk MikeMusto! Are you having doubts my friend? WAY TO GO!

    Thinking and reasoning for yourself is a GIFT and they way God intended it to be!

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