A day in field service

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  • dsgal

    7:30-Too early to get up on a Saturday morning but the CO is visiting and I must show up to make our cong. look better.

    9:00 - Arrive at KH, smile and say "good morning" to everyone (even though I'm still half asleep). Sit and listen to CO shame us for only having 67 people show up for service - last cong. he visited had 69 people when he was there. (we are falling behind)

    9:20 - Everyone goes to the back to lollygag or go to the bathroom and kill some time. I just stand there waiting on my group to get ready.

    9:30 - Finally leave KH and head out for territory. Pioneer sister has some RV's so we do those instead of door-to-door. (I am glad, didn't feel like walking anyway.) Nobody is home, even though I saw the curtain move at a couple of houses. Magazines are left in the doors anyway. Ride around between RV's listening to elderettes discuss all the latest juicy gossip about certain ones in the cong.

    10:20 - Go to Mickey D's for a break. Feel stupid wearing a dress - everybody there has on shorts and tees.

    10:45 - Go leave back issues of mags at a couple of washaterias.

    11:00 - Go back to KH, get in my car and go home. ANOTHER 2 HOURS IN !!!

  • MikeMusto

    I get 1/2 just from reading posts today............you amateurs

  • outnfree

    Whaddaya MEAN two hours!!!!!?

    You didn't get to your territory until at least 9:30, you stopped for a break, and you were back at the hall by 11:00 (not noon?!???). What a cheater you are! LOL You belong on that "did you ever pad your hours?" thread. It's people like you who gave us honest dubbies a bad name!

  • Jigrigger

    Hi Dsgal,

    You obviously realize that you are just going through the motions, so why even bother to go?


  • SpiderMonkey

    Gawrsh, I was thinking dsgal was super-diligent for being in the territory by 9:30! Our meetings for service never even started until 9:15; we were "lucky" to be "in service" by 10:00. Of course, being back at the KH at 11:45 to make plans for lunch/"return visits" meant that you'd racked up at least 2 hours already! And bonus minutes (hours if you were a pioneer) if you left mags at a laundromat on the way to the KH before 9:15!

  • WildHorses

    You know, if we were smart back then. We would have started counting our time the minute we got out of bed. That was a real sacrifice.

  • Dismembered

    welcome dsgal

  • Dismembered

    i started counting time the minute I thought I was going out that day. What a joke!

  • Ephesians6

    If you JW's would only show at my door you would be invited in for Tea and Cookies and some friendly chat. There are better things than "putting in time". Like knowing that you Have eternal life right now.

  • libra_spirit

    A day in field service, or a field day in service? LOL!

    You poor thing!

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