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  • Tammie

    The thing about Mormons though, is when you see them out in their field service, or what ever they call it. I only see two young men, in dark suits. Either with or without the jacket. And I usually see them on a couple of bikes. Never do I see any female Mormans out in their ministry.

  • professor

    You can always tell it is the mormons when you see two young men in white dress shirts either going door to door or hanging out at a bus stop. I don't get the bus stop thing because usually they are at a bus stop where there are no people around.

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  • Michelleatkin

    They are cleaning windows!! It seems all our local window cleaners are witnesses.

  • butalbee

    I can usually spot a dub, esp males. It seems to be male witnesses have a feminine allure, I can't explain it, but it's a gay appearance.

  • Dizzy Cat
    Dizzy Cat

    IF .......

    1. Its fine weather outside

    2. The street seems unsually quiet

    3. You see two guys in suits, carrying the same leather pouch walking along the street

    4. Snails seem to be overtaking these guys

    5. Curtains are drawn and its 12 noon

    THEN ........ jump behind a wall and hide !


    Its Saturday morning. You're out mowing the grass and six 4 door cars with people all dressed up come down your street like its a parade or something. 3 cars pull over to the side the other 3 go down to the next block and pull over. They all get out of the cars. Have a major discussion about something for 15 mins. Then start a slow stroll working house over house unitl they meet.

    Or its early Saturday morning and at your local fast food resturant you see people in suits ties and dresses drinking coffee and baiscally waisting time.

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