Where to liquidate WT library?

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  • Unclepenn1
  • The_Bad_Seed

    Burnpile! Burnpile!

    Burnpile! Burnpile!

    Burnpile! Burnpile!

    Burnpile! Burnpile!

  • new boy
    new boy

    Why would you want anyone to read that stuff?

    If you were a drug addict and gave it up, but you still had drugs. Would you want to sell them to someone else?

  • bad_associashun

    hey guys, thanks for all the responses

    newboy- that's the line the dubs used on me to get me to stop reading OTHER religions literature- hey, to each his own- as writerpen says, it's all about moving on w/ life...

    considering the WTS's contradictions & predictions over the years, perhaps someone else can use the pieces I'm offering to help DISPROVE the truth of the JWs- there are many ways to look at any given situation- it's all in your perception

    I'll be happy to give specific details on condition to individual inquiries:

    [email protected]- I'd rather see them to go to peeps here than any possible future brainwashees

    thanks gang!

    edited: too many to list- just found another box full

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  • Mulan

    Some things are collector's items, not useful for studying. I only sold really old things, like the Rainbow books, and Golden Age and OLD Wt's, the big ones. I had Faith on the March, The Finished Mystery, etc. I made over $1000, on just a few items.

    The newer things don't really move. I did sell a few of the old Paradise books for about $7 each.

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