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    I'll have to whip myself up one of those coffee soultions, so I can sleep better... I would like to know more about the technique for creating the flake of coffee in 20 gallons of water, shaken for several hours...actually I might just fall asleep during the preperation..LOL! Did your dad prepare them himself by hand? Can I buy this stuff somewhere ? I'm intrested in the cobra venum one too, I know a couple people who have some nasty degenerative artheritus in thier lower back. One has much pain the other has very little pain. The herbs helped for awhile, alfalfa, and several others, but nothing seems to keep working for a long perioid. MSM caused severe headaches, rather then relieve the artheritis back pains. Actually I think this person has tried about everything out there, except cobra venum and arsenic. I need to research this more, thanks for the info.

  • zenpunk

    Thanks alamb & Mulan for the info. I definately want to look into following this regimen.

  • Mulan

    Look in the yellow pages. Dad bought his potions from a lab in this State, but I have no idea where and it was about 35 years ago.

    Most Naturopaths and Ayurvedic doctors should know about them. There is likely an entry in the yellow pages for homeopathy too.

    My husband used the cobralactin, and took it too often. He got awful welts across his back, that were very painful, maybe like a cobra sting. It was funny, and not serious. They went away in a few minutes.

  • SixofNine

    You tell your friend to use that cobra venom, and lots of it! Ole Six here guaran-damn-tees that his back pain will go away!

    Six-faithless healer class

  • lady 45
    lady 45

    what's out there for hotfleshing do anyone know because i would love to know
    this information is great thanks you all

    lady 45

  • SEAKEN2001

    I believe that all healing comes from within. If you believe it is healing, it is. Even if only in mental health, there is a healing. The practicioner just provides a vehichle for belief. But given the choice of a witch doctor or a surgeon when facing trauma I will take the surgeon. It is all magical indeed. No genuine intent to heal should be discounted or elevated beyond it's own merits. But beware the fools who believe beyond reason or will not learn from the experiences of those who have come before them. Be informed, careful, and reasonable. Above all, be your own healer. Don't rely on your own knowledge, but make your own decisions.

    I have enjoyed good results from herbal formulas and vitamins. I have never been to a doctor for anything other than trauma such as a fractured skull or laceration. But I take over the counter drugs such as advil and tylenol. I have taken vacinations and would take anitbiotics if I thought it was necessary. I also like the idea of accupuncture and massage therapy. I use chiropractors when I feel I need an adjustment. I listen to pshychologists and sometimes think they make sense. It's all good if taken with care and balance. I will never give myself over to medical science though. Nor do think that all the herbs in the world will help me live longer. Personally, I subscribe more to Larc's therapy, sans the smoking. Maybe I've just been fortunate to have a healthy body, or maybe it's just because I don't worry about it, but I think it's more important to be mentally healthy than physically healthy. Try as you may, you'll never stop the process of degradation and death of the body. But you can transcend the physical health issues and achieve a remarkably healthy outlook on life if you want to. You can experience eternity in your mind, in competance, not in delusion, not under the influence, if you want to. That, to me, is healthy enough for now. Not that it isn't exceptionally enjoyable to be able to run and jump in total physical health, but it's not all that un-enjoyable when you can no longer perform in physical health, if you have the right mental health. There is a lot in life to be enjoyed even when in physical pain.

    Herbs, homeopathy, allopathy - it's all the same and is what you make of it. Take the good and use it for your health. But don't get discouraged that nothing changes. You're still going to get old and die. Die in good health! And enjoy the ride.

    Sean (amatuer philosopher)

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