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  • orangefatcat

    Well we all know what happened in Greek Mythology to Narcissus, he looked in a pond and pined away, he loved his own reflection so much he turned into a flower. So you better watch out if you love yourself to much. You never know what you'll turn into!!

  • teejay

    what does teejay think about Fred's 'normal' behavior?

    Teejay thinks that anyone overly concerned with FredHall's emotional, mental, or psychological state as it plays out on is worse off than Fred.

    That's what teejay thinks.

  • Farkel

    Personally, I think Fred is doing that to amuse us as much as himself. A true narcissist is a predator who thinks the whole world lives to serve them. Narcissism is a very serious sickness and people afflicted with it have no qualms about taking shameless advantage of anyone and everyone regardless of the hurt or damage it causes. When I say they think the whole world lives to serve them, I mean they REALLY believe this. Therefore, to them, what anyone else thinks or feels is of zero concern to them.

    Fred is just a puddycat who happens to like to play silly little games. He's certainly no narcissist, at least not by any clinical definition.

    Lark? What say ye?


  • Satanus

    What i was referring to is primary narcissism. I read about it some time ago. It is a stage in infants that lasts for months. Freud invented this term. Here are some quotes, first a one liner, then a longer section, then a referral to the whole article.

    The need to be nurtured, cared for, held, soothed, stroked and attended to.


    Narcissism, we need to clarify this word before preceding further. Usually in the normal context of it pop-psychic meaning, it brings up images of self centerness. In the instance of childhood development, its meaning is completely different. It is essential that narcissism exist for the continuing progress of the ascending functions of the developing ego (one of the three mental agencies) and the autonomous self. Narcissism for the infant is function for its development. The need of more input and care for continual growth.

    To continue, during the early period of this 4 to 5 month interval of the symbiotic period primary narcissism is at its peak. This entails that the infant has legitimate narcissistic needs of his own right. The need to be nurtured, cared for, held, soothed, stroked and attended to. While holding the infant, it is to be hoped that when looking into his mothers face, she is mirroring him in such a way that he sees his true self. If not, and the mother has her own agenda projecting it onto the infant, he will conform, not willing to risk losing mothers love and therefore initiate the beginnings of the false-self. This false-self can be manifested throughout the life cycle as a learned behavior from the preverbal phase and remains unconscious.

    By the end of the symbiotic phase secondary narcissism is well on it way. The infant, if the mother concedes, she allows herself to be cathected (invested with mental or emotional energy) enabling the infant to supply his needs of his new expanding world.

    On our journey through childhood analysis, lets look at the ratifications of the beginnings false-self for a moment. In the psychodynamics of this preverbal phase (18 to 30 months), it can be retrieved through transference (the projection of past feelings onto the therapist, an abreaction) in psychoanalysis. That is the preverbal past is reexperienced in the therapy session as the mother-infant relationship, through the therapist and the analysand interconnection. Note, this course of action is long term with frequent sessions. In severe cases, to unmasque the false-self and promote the emerging true-self is possible.

    I bring this up to demonstrate significance of relative importance and the responsibility we have to see our children as there true selves and to make every effort not to project our own agenda upon them. Let them grow with love and guidance, respecting there choices.

    Read the whole [email protected]

    I think it's funny that fredhall is in an infantile state.


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  • outnfree
    You can still get lots of girls even if you're ugly. It just means that you have to use something else to get 'em. Ugly rock stars have women all over them. Lots of money helps. A glib tongue.

    I hear Fredhall has a very interestingly textured tongue....

  • COMF
    Narcism is a stage that children go through.

    Yep. I remember being narked on a time or two.

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