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  • minimus

    Lately, more and more elders are either resigning or being deleted. A few elders have been known to be "good elders", brothers that really did care about the flock more than the organization. Some that are presently elders are having their own crisis of conscience.Most elders that I have come to know are quite simply, not that bright. Now couple that with having power over people's lives and it's easy to see what can happen in a congregation.Were there ever ANY elders that you liked, that helped you in any way or did you feel that basically all elders are the same, negatively speaking?

  • Farkel


    On this board giving the WTS a whole bunch of grief, that's where.


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    QUALIFIED ELDERS, now thats an oxymoron.


  • jack2

    I served with some who I thought really did care and were pretty down to earth guys.

  • Swan

    I knew some who were real gems. They were honest, humble, and were genuinely concerned for the congregation. They were victims, just like I was, and were doing what they thought was best. They were fooled just like I was.

    Then there were some who were absolute tyrants caught up in their own little ego trip. They wielded their power arbitrarily and mercilessly. My mother said that we should accept these elders and obey them because they had Jehovah's spirit. Jehovah allows some things to go on as a test of our obedience.

    To paint all elders with the same brush would be a terrible injustice.


  • zev

    i have said, here and to Gwen in our conversations, that one of the hardest parts of leaving for me was the fact i respected the elders in my old hall. they were a good bunch of guys, and they really cared about people.

    yes they were jw drones, but still, they were unlike the horror stories i've seen posted on the board.


    in a personal email from one of those elders.....my former "friend" wrote:

    I just want you to know that the elders are aware that you have good reason for leaving.They truly understand and have not held or said anything against you Harold. I do feel that Joe's attempt (to contact you) was both sincere and genuine.

    they really did know. they saw the shit i took for 18 years. 5 months after i left this is what was said about me. and yes i do trust this person and he wouldn't lie to me. he was one of the most straight shooters i ever knew.

    i feel for him, being stuck in that cult.

    and yes, my real name is Harold.

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  • Bang

    Concerned and caring as 'some' may be, I can't help but wonder about anyone promoting such tripe as the wt puts out - the overbearing genocidal god who enjoys kiss ass friends, the demon infested belongings, and that 'wicked system' is to blame for woes - not their own luxury by any means. And that's the best of them?

    I refuse to see how someone can be a willing and active promoter of such hatefilled crapology to the public at large, people they don't even know or know about, and remain to be somehow blameless of being an asshole.

    Someone please convince me.


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  • minimus

    it's nice to see that some here know that not all elders are evil.Some may be going through their own questions while they are still elders.As time goes on, the more the good ones see the untruth of the "truth", the more will be on this board.

  • sunshineToo

    According to the WTS, you can't be a good elder if you care more about the people than the org. Besides I've never met any elder who cared more about the people than the org.

  • Dismembered

    The elder ranks are shrinking like a cheap pair of skivvies washed in hot water. I pity the newbie rank & file, when some of these up & coming pinheads who are jockeying for postitions of power finally are anointed by "holy spirit", and allowed to take control of the helm.

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