Conscience Issues?

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  • Andyman

    OK Frenchy, you asked for it you got it!

    My pet issue is the conscience thing. Just whos' conscience are they talking about when they us this phrase "it's a conscience issue"?

    I have seen things that would be considered plain "wrong", but have been told it is a conscience issue. I have seen other things that I would consider to be a personal "conscience" issue and been told it was no no.

    I get the feeling it all depends on who does it, and who complains. Also it depends on what the society puts out in print. Kind of like the voting thing. Last year the article came out about voting being a conscience issue, but I have yet to find an agreement on whether it is or isn't. Some say JW's can now vote if they so desire, others say no way.

    Other things are a "conscience" issue, but if you do them you lose all privledges and become a marked person in the congregation.

    Anybody else have thoughts on this "conscience" issue?

    Take care.


  • Roamingfeline

    Yes, Andyman. I do have an opinion, as usual!

    It is a "collective conscience" issue. It depends on your congregation's collective conscience, meaning what type of elders you have, and what type of publishers. And also how they "interpret" the writings of the Society at any given time. It varies from KHall to KHall. What, you say? No unity and like minds? You GOT IT!

  • Scorpion


    The Society tells me to stay away or avoid those who would be considered opposers or apostates.

    Many of these so called opposers or apostates in my opinion are only opposing the wrong teachings and control the WT has over the lives of it's followers. A few years ago I would have agreed wholeheartedly with the Society, and my conscience would have bothered me to be around such ones. Today because of being more informed and less ignorant to the facts about what the Society is doing as far as covering things up and talking out both sides of its Watchtower and AFAKE magazines, my conscience no longer bothers me to say hello or even have contact with individuals that have been labled apostate for acts that had nothing to do with violating Scripture or what is right in God eyes, but only chose to disagree with the Society.
    As far as voting, I personally do not know any Jehovah's Witnesses that vote or will vote in the near future. I believe that most still consider it being part of the world. I myself am seriously considering getting more involved in outside interests other than the norm inside the cogregation. I am thinking of going back to school at night and taking a computer class as well as learning another language. My conscience is clear even though I,know some in my congregation will think I am persuing worldly interest. I am even considering voting, not because I am that interested in doing so, but just because I think it would be interesting to see if the Society really means what they say as far as this being a conscience issue. If I am reprimanded for doing so , than I will know for sure the Society has lied about this as well as other things.

  • waiting


    On H20 since June 6, there have been posts stating that in Denmark, one of the "head guys" was interviewed and he said that no longer would Jehovah's Witnesses be disfellowshipped for accepting a blood transfusion. Presumably, it would be a conscience matter.

    As of last night, this had not been backed up with an actual copy of the news release. But, obviously, speculation is hot and heavy.

    FRENCHY: As for the Circuit Leasing arrangement - go to Maxee's post, near the bottom, in the post on Blood Donating. There is a link there to the actual page. It was originally posted at the Jesus Witness website.

  • RedhorseWoman

    At there have been discussions about voting and blood.

    While it has been acknowledged that these are indeed conscience matters, the comments have been made that a "mature Christian" would understand that the Society was merely placating worldly authorities by making these issues a matter of conscience.

    They stated that in this way, the Society could avoid bad publicity from the world. However, a "mature Christian" would understand that nothing had changed. Voting was NOT for Christians, nor was the taking of blood. Anyone doing these things would be marked and no privileges would be extended to them.

    It's rather like the "only JW's will survive Armaggedon" issue. Since these rulings have come out, a JW can truthfully say that their religion does not forbid voting, nor does it forbid a blood transfusion. This sounds much better to a worldly audience.....however, internally, nothing has changed.

    Once again, the Society shows more concern for how they look to "the world" than the "sheep" they are looking after for Jesus and Jehovah.

  • katchoo

    so basically they are lying again.
    "sure, you can vote, but if you do you can never speak to your family again. They will ignore you and treat you as if you had died. But it's your choice"
    That's not a choice. That's coersion.


  • Seven

    I wish I would have had my first trip to the polls
    on video-Trench coat, Men In Black type sunglasses, a borrowed car. It was too much. Elizabeth Dole was the inspiration behind my Jane Bond act. Any woman who would 'fess on national TV
    to feeding her hubby Stouffer's because there were
    times she was too busy to stand around in the kitchen-was worth risking living forever on Paradise Earth for. She reminds me of what waiting
    would have been like had she not been a JW. I don't vote in every election but let me tell you-what an adrenaline rush. I don't call this loving the world too much-I call it wanting it to change it. Ooops, I can see the vultures circling now.


  • waiting

    Hey, 7,

    I found out about the Question from Readers' Voting thing through Simon's other website. Go figure, huh? then I read, and reread it.

    I thought, well, cool! I've always wanted to try being a Democrat - they're so loud!! But then, I talked with a couple other local witnesses - and they set me straight on the matter of my conscience and so forth.

    Then I found this place, and, well, cool!

  • Seven

    waiting-I just realized something. I was laying it on pretty thick over on your thread about lying
    and here I am no better than those I was objecting
    to by being a closet voter. I am a liar by remaining silent whenever the subject was brought up by my parents and among the friends. I've never
    been a hypocrite before-feels wierd.


  • waiting

    Hey, again,

    "Why cannot people learn to speak the truth? I have, I think, taught two, perhaps three, Indian colleagues to do so. It will probably wreck their careers." JBS Haldane

    "Nationalism means that every little group of human twerps with its own slang, haircut and pet name for God should have a country." PJ O'Rourke

    Was I the one who said I had the secret fantasy of being a Democrat?

    Hypocrite - Gurl, you ain't ol' 'nouph ta know 'bout critin'!

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