Musto, let's talk. Ladies, back me up!

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  • joannadandy

    My sister lives in Florida, no offense to those poster who live there--but the west coast is the Red Neck Riveria, be honest, you have seen them!

    Anywho, my sister sent me a video tape of my nephew and while they were playing at the beach my brother-in law kept zooming in on mullets and saying "Mullet Beach Blanket Bingo--" Then as the video progressed he'd just say BINGO, and zoom in--it was quite hysterical. My parents didn't know what a mullet was

  • CoolBreeze

    As a owner of a full head of luxurious long hair (mid-back, an down past my nipples in the front) I must agree with the majority opinion here, mullets are soooooo 80's. So unless you're into major retro, and just can't get enough of the movie "The Wedding Singer", or you like to be pointed and giggled at, I'd have to advise against them.

    Now a "DA" on the other hand, I might get my hair cut for. If I could afford the 55 gallon drum of grase I'd neat to keep it looking stylish.


  • curious

    RIGHT ON Puffsrule...although to tell the truth took me a long look to realize you were talking about that dude's who cares.... not

  • CoolBreeze

    Oh, I almost forgot. Lesbians around here seem to be wearing mullets quite frequently these days.


  • SixofNine

    Let me put it to you this way: I love women. I love women in almost all their various tries at fashion. I like tall women. I like short women. I like thin women. I like thick women. I like dark women. I like pale women.

    I love beautiful long healthy hair on women. Seems like at some point, all the beautiful women I have known who have beautiful, healthy long hair, have cut it off. I'm thinking of two exceptionally beautiful women with exceptionally beautiful hair right now, and both have cut it into a very short, but fashionable cut. All that beautiful hair gone in the whisk of a scissor cut.

    Sad, but... I still loved the way they looked. I like short hair on women. I like long hair on women. I often find lesbians attractive.

    But no woman has ever looked good in a mullet.

    And you won't either, Mike.

  • bigboi

    But no woman has ever looked good in a mullet.

    Uh, correction sir, No man or woman has ever looked good in a mullet.



  • teenyuck

    I wish I could figure out my cousin. She is cute. She was always athletic. Her parents did not disown her when she (somehow) got pregnant. They are ardent JW's, tho she was never baptized.

    Cut to about 9 years ago...she moves in with her in lesbian. They lived together as domestic partners for 8 1/2 years.

    Cut to a year ago. She moves back in with her parents and says she wants to get married-to a nice brother!!

    She looks like a man (mullet and all), dresses like a man, speaks like a man and has been mis-identified as a man.

    Why do lesbians frequently look like men?

  • tdogg

    Mullets were cool in the '80's, I had one. I REALLY wanted the curlies in the back but my blond hair is too straight.

    Here is the problem now: Most of the only people who are wearing mullets are REDNECKS and WHITE TRASH, and even the rednecks have started to wise up.

    BTW 1984 called and wants its mullet back.

  • comforter

    <<Why do lesbians frequently look like men?>>

    Cause they suffer from a mental disorder. They really want to be men.


  • BeelzeDub

    Child abuse in the 80s

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