Regular meeting attenders make the best apostates!

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  • ozziepost

    Well, it seems from the responses to the Weekend Poll that being a regular meeting attender was not a protection from apostasy!!

    Strange that the WTS should always 'encourage' regular meeting attendance for protection. Perhaps it means that real honest-hearted ones will be good thinkers and see the truth about 'the troof' anyway.

    What do you think? Were the meetings a protection against 'wicked apostate thinking'?

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • SYN

    The more meetings I went to, the more fedup I got with being a Dub. That's all there is to it.

  • LovesDubs

    I have always been of the contention that the Organization is losing their best, their brightest, their most spiritual, their best leaders, speakers and writers. It seems the longer we stayed, the more meetings we attended, the better prepared we were for meetings the greater the impact on us when we saw the lies. My husband for example, even though he is a JW on paper, rarely these days goes to meetings, and rarer still opens and reads magazines. So he really doesnt see the insidiousness of their writings, their total self aggrandizing ways, their mind control, their errors, their terror at apostates. The ones who are paying attention in "class" are the ones who will eventually go to the internet, will eventually start to question in their hearts....and hit the door, and the floor...running.

  • Francois

    In the end, the final straw was that the JW's teachings constituted an insult to my intelligence. It also pissed of the dog.


  • HoChiMin


    > "What do you think? Were the meetings a protection against 'wicked apostate thinking'? " <

    Not in my case, I was at every meeting (27 years) up untill a few months before I left and never looked back.


  • Nowfree

    I agree - attending meetings regularly ensures that you listen to ALL the info coming from the platform and read ALL the info in the magazines etc.

    Only by doing that will you actually KNOW what the religion is about. People who only ever attend the odd meeting will never understand the lies/hypocrisy, because they haven't been in the kingdom hall enough to hear them/read them.

    For example: I was asked for advice at work about a witness who was refusing to give blood for a routine blood test because he was a witness. My reputation as a vociferous exJW gets around, so i am asked, before they start pinning down the patient to take blood, whether this is actually so. I tell them that Witnesses (currently!) are not allowed to donate blood, receive transfusions of whole blood or the primary components, and autologous blood transfusions. However they can receive transfusions/preparations of the fractions of blood from the primary components, and can give blood for blood tests. Problem solved - patient dealt with appropriately.

    I mention this as a generic incident to my ex (who is a JW) - and he tells me that what i said was rubbish, witnesses are allowed to donate blood for storage and then later to be retransfused (autologous transfusion). WHAT!! Doesn't he know what he is supposed to believe?

    Simple answer = NO!

    Die-cast witnesses are prepared to die for the religion, but are unable to live for and understand it!


  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist

    To read the Crisis of Conscience chapter on "Arguments and Manipulation" or something like that will make you see through there nonsense right awayt. I just can't read there literature without feeling weak. The meetings just piss me off so I don't go

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    no, i went religiously, and look @ me now :p

  • minimus

    if you go to the 5 meetings regularly, you will have to become an apostate, since you KNOW all the stupid crap that is being discussed. When someone is an irregular attender they don't get the benefit of hearing all the crap all of the time.

  • zev

    i was a regular meeting attender-40 years.

    i am no longer a jw. officially.

    enough said.

    pucker up and kiss my ( | ) watchtower.

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