What will a JW do if the Watchtower changes.......

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  • Farkel


    : I was thinking of how the 1995 generation change and the sheep and goats adjustment took alot of people by surprise.

    Yes, but even that major change was softened by the society changing the wording of "in our 20th century" to "our day" out of the Awake! masthead years before the 1995 change. Check the CD ROMs in the years immediately preceding the 1995 change and you'll see that they really backed off on their former "this generation" statements. They had planned that "bombshell" for years.

    Even Ray Franz said that in the late 1970's they were trying to figure out how to deal with that millstone and that was several decades ago.


  • blondie

    I figure finding out that the WTS has been less than truthful (lying) is like this, one spouse finds out that the other spouse has been unfaithful to them and after talking to them about it realize that this spouse is going to continue being unfaithful.

    What will people do? Stay or leave.

    Some will stay because the unfaithful spouse exerts pressure on them to stay, through fear, intimidation, emotional manipulation, economic blackmail, holding children hostage, etc.

    But some will leave not being able to be continually betrayed.
    "A coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave die but once."

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