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  • meat pie
    meat pie

    What a fabulous topic! Yes I like food, my favourite, probably meat pies, especially steak and kidney, home made. I cook every day. I frequently cook Indian style meals both meat and veggie. I sometimes do Jamaican chicken rice 'n' peas, and once in a while curried goat,( got a few growing up now!)I think I heard a few people scream. I also do a lot with venison, casseroles are best as the meat doesn't dry out.

    Unfortunately all fishy-type stuff makes me very ill.

    I do not bother much with sweet things, though I do cook puddings for the family.

    Do you know the nursery rhyme about Jack Spratt? well my husband and I look like them except he eats all the sweet things and I'm the larger one!

    The family all enjoy eating and we are all adventurous.

    I recently tried making sourdough starter but I got scared as by the 3rd day it looked like runny putty and smelt of yogurt, maybe that was right.

    I do enjoy cooking for crowds!


    I love to cook.I went to culiary arts school to learn.Now I can cook anything I like,read about,or anything I see and taste.Theres nothing better than having friends and family over and watching them enjoy my cooking.I`ll be doing that tonight...OUTLAW

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    I love to cook...My wife Tink however does not...although she is a fantastic cook..I make a great Italian spagheti sauce, great homemade pizza, pasta with shrimp or clams in white sauce, and I also bake some great Italian bread from scratch...anyone want some recipes?


  • SpiceItUp

    now Im hungry.

  • joannadandy

    I love to cook...I get all giddy going to a Farmers Market, or Grocery Store to pick out the fresh stuff to go home and cook, oh and I get equally insane when I go to the liquor store looking for a new bottle of wine to go with whatever I am cooking.

    I do a killer steak, (tho it's not too complex) I made coconut shrimp a few days ago-YUM, but I think the Joanna special is probably Shrimp Linguine...tho a close tie is garlic chicken with bowtie pasta...I rock, that's all there is to

  • SpiderMonkey

    I love to try new things, and I've hardly ever eaten anything that I wouldn't consider eating again... I think this attitude was ingrained in me at an early age, because my older brother was the world's pickiest eater. I would watch him snub perfectly good food night after night, get punished for it, and keep on doing it... I thought that was stupid, & resolved to always give things a try. Since then I've never met a calorie I didn't like

    I'm not a good cook though... Unfortunately! When I do cook, it tastes good, but it always ends up looking different than it should. The most I ever cooked was in my last relationship... I think I tried just about every possible permutation of pancakes & omelettes back then Cooking "breakfast" is my fave; I'll even cook an omelette for dinner. But being a single guy, I just don't cook very often... I tend to belong to the "tuna fish sandwich" class these days! If I could afford to eat out more, I'd constantly be eating sushi, steak, all kinds of seafood (especially crayfish, MMMMMMMM), Ethiopian, Greek, Thai... anything spicy or eclectic... I'd love to learn to cook exotic foods, but I know I'd hardly ever cook for myself anyway. When I get hungry, I want to eat NOW; don't want to wait 1/2 hour or longer for food to be ready!

  • jack2

    Fave foods:


    American - steaks, burgers, seafood, etc



    I don't like Mexican food

  • queer_reality

    I'm not a great cook and I don't much like cooking just for myself anyway. So I eat out often.
    Good burritos are a staple.

    I have yet to try an ethnic cuisine that I completely dislike.

    I enjoy:
    Cambodian (lots of coconut)
    Eritrian (sp?)

    I love the variety available in the SF bay area.

    I do *not* like:
    bell peppers- any and all colors
    chickpeas/garbonzo beans

    I rarely eat at any American fastfood outlet.

    I love dark chocolate - no nuts, fruits or berries contaminating my chocolate, please!
    I like fish - cooked and raw, maple syrup, tomato anything, garlic, pasta, pizza...

    I love pickled ginger but I can't eat any kind of ginger or I get heartburn from HELL.
    While I'm not as fond of very spicy (hot) food, I avoid it for the same reason as ginger.

    I have heard of a delicacy that comes from the Phillipines:
    a raw, **partially developed** chicken egg.
    I believe one tilts their head back and cracks the egg open into their mouth,
    discarding the shell. This is something I hope to never encounter.


  • bigfloppydog

    I love all kinds of food. Mostly italian, pizza, lasagna etc. Some of the most simple foods are my favorites, mashed potatoes, wieners and beans for camping. Bacon and eggs.

    I have a recipe for something called do-dads, kind of a snack food, the guys seem to love them.

    I am however not to big on to many hot spicy foods, kind of upsets the stomach.

    There is nothing better than a good old roast beef dinner, or Turkey dinner with all the trimings.

  • LyinEyes

    Food.. good subject !!

    I love crawfish, very spicey. Mexican food, especially for breakfast. Steak, very very well done. Fried pork chops , fried chicken. I love cheesecake, coca cola, and Caesar salad. I like most veggies, except for mushrooms. I do not eat organ meats,,,,,,,,, yuck.I love bread , but don't eat much of that.

    Goodness it would be easier to say I will almost eat anything as long as it is not bloody, but cooked well, not an organ, and no mushrooms.

    People from the south , around here, eat unspeakable things, pig intestines, pig feet, chicken feet, cow tongues, and I am sure other things I don't want to know about.

    I think I need a coke right now.

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