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  • SpiceItUp

    Made some Quesadillas last night. They were very yummie. However a friend I had over did not want theirs with all the ingredients that I put on mine. She did not want the hot peppers, bell peppers or onions.

    Im not a big eater but I do enjoy variety. I will try just about anything once.

    I am very into "ethnic" foods. Some of my favorites included Indian, Japanese, Greek and of coarse Polish. (among others--I really am not picky--gimme Italian or Chinese or Mexican etc..)

    There arent too many things that I dont like. I got my taste buds from my mother---she is always willing to try something--then you get my dad that doesnt like cheese (I will never understand this).

    When I cook I love to use Onions and Garlick. I love pungent foods like sauercraut and I love spicy foods like all the curry in Indian. Funnie thing is I dont care much for many sweets especially chocolate. About the sweetest that I do like are things like carotcake or cheesecake.

    Sooooo---who are the picky finicky eaters out there? What are your favorites and what foods can you just not stand.

    Also---who out there loves to cook and who cant stand to-----personally I love to cook---as long as I have someone to cook for .

    Spice of the loves variety class

  • larc

    Spice, your food preferences pretty much fit me as well. I do occasionally like sweets. Some I like are: root beer floats, vanilla ice cream with hershey chocolate and bannana, warm apple pie, and oatmeal cookies. I like to try any new foods. My sister is just the opposite, never ventures into new food areas.

  • Dizzy Cat
    Dizzy Cat

    Being a vegetarian tends to make me rather picky and careful with food.

    My main meal of choice would be - a tossed green leaf salad, with a french dressing, plenty of split plum tomatos, smelly cheese, sweet onions, wholemeal bread and English tea.

    Or a pasta based meal, with a rich garlic & onion dressing + crusty bread & a sprinkling of cheese.

    I lean towards being Vegan on occasion, so my choices get really, really picky then :o)

  • Witch Child
    Witch Child

    i love many kinds of foods; mexican, chinese, indian, irish, swedish, english, italian, american, polish... you name it, i'll try it. however, i do not have the talent/tolerance for highly spicy food. I like peppers and spices but don't like my mouth burned. Can't live without onions, garlic, cheese or potatoes!!!!


  • sunshineToo

    :-q I, too, like to try different ethnic foods. I haven't tried Middle eastern or Indian food yet. But I think that's going to change this week.

    I like almost everything except raw fish. I can eat a little bit of raw oyster and certain kinds of clams, but raw fish??? Please... I even don't like smoked salmon, either. It's too much like raw fish.

    I do enjoy sweets time to time. My favorite flavore now is caramel. ;-q It used to be chocolate. But I still enjoy chocolate, too.

    I love to cook, and grow herbs and vegetables. I'll bring my specialty, Grilled Eggplant and Chicken Parmesan with Portobello, to apostofest.

  • Francois

    I am a cook now that you mention it. Not professional, but intuitional. Love to cook. Love to eat.

    I am much like you. I will try anything...once. And probably did. I have only run across one thing I will never try again. It's a Korean thing called "Thousand Year Egg." You take hard boiled eggs, see? And you pack 'em in, well, depending on your taste, pig do-do, horse turds or urine, cow dung, whatever. And you leave these hard boiled eggs packed in this stuff for about 30 days. Refrigerated.

    Tastes exactly like a baby diaper looks. Never again.

    Spent some time in Japan. I liked everything I ate. I even had some curry filled donuts at Dunkin' Donuts in Yokohama. The hash browns at McDonald's in Japan leave something to be desired, though.

    And in Indian cooking there is more variety of spices and ingredients than anywhere else in the world. They do use curry of course, but it is a misconception that all Indian cooking has curry in it, or that it's all hot. That's like saying all southern cooking has grits in it. I can say without fear of contradiction that all southern cooking does not have grits in it. And if you want hot, for my money, Indian Vindaloos are the hotest thing this side of a blast furnace. Hotter than the hotest Thai. And that's saying something.

    My wife is Cuban. Cubans cook pork in a marinade called "mojo" that's made with the juice of sour oranges and garlic, pepper, cumin, garlic, thyme, white wine, garlic, white pepper, salt, vinegar, garlic and a little more garlic. I swear, pork cooked in this stuff will make your tongue beat your brains right out of your head.

    (Funny, I don't care for sweets either.)

    I like raw fish, too. Especially salmon. And tuna.

    And you know what else? I don't like to cook for myself at all. I must have an audience. Have to have an audience. Won't even bother cooking for just me. Just like you. Strange ain't it?

    I think we all oughta get together and have an Apost-O-Cookoff. Watcha think?

    Maybe we oughta all go to Canberra for their next Apostofest and have an Apost-O-Cookoff. I've never had kangaroo steak. Watchathink?


  • SpiceItUp

    Im not real big on fish myself. I sometimes like it if it is prepared really well (ie--means it has to be seasoned and cooked just right--only had it once where I truly enjoyed it)

    I have tried sushi and liked it better than I thought I would--I wont go out of my way to have it but if offered I will sometimes accept.

    I do like shrimp and conk (sp?) but I am not that into seafood. Never had lobster and that I intend to change since I do like crab.

  • SpiceItUp

    mental note to self----when in Korea do not eat "thousand year eggs"---those sound disgusting.

  • Witch Child
    Witch Child

    I love sushi rolls... but not the kind with raw fish in it! I love the vegetarian stuff and the kind with cooked eel or cooked crab meat in them. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!


  • alfie

    Food Poll....Now you're cookin'

    If it's edible, it's toast(so to speak) If it's ethnic, even better, if it's hot& spicy, that's the best. I'll always try something new too.

    what's it all about?


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