How 'Bout A Class Action Against Them...

by Francois 10 Replies latest jw friends



    Don't be too upset. I'll give you ALL the permission you need to sue the everloving S#%T out of them. I hope that makes you feel better.

    OBTW, do you think we could sue the WTBTS, because publishers we know (we loved) went door-to-door telling 'worldly people' we know, that we are apostates, satanist, can fill the rest in if you only had 1/10 of your brain functioning. They also, went to our former bible studies and told them all kinds of garbage. These people were told not to even talk to us, because we would mislead them. What ever happen to Preaching the kingdom, now they preach against the CARRAWAY's. Did they really think that these people wouldn't come and tell us? They now want NOTHING to do with the JW's. They slit their own throat with these people. WOW, I'm so glad they didn't fall for their lies.


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