How 'Bout A Class Action Against Them...

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  • Francois

    ...for something like:

    Failure to report a crime?

    Accessory after the fact to rape,

    to child endangerment?

    I mean for Christ's sake, you can be arrested and jailed for leaving children in a car in a parking lot at Wal-Mart. How much more culpable is this organization for harboring pedophiles - 22,720 of them, not reporting rapes, etc.?

    I've just got to believe that the WTBTS is ACTIONABLE! If ever an organization was liable for some Waco-like treatment this one is. Where is Janet Reno when you need her?


  • RubyTuesday

    From my understanding...Bill Bowen is suing them for some of the reasons you mentioned.
    He is pressing Criminal charges...which include..raketeering (when they send a pedophile to another congergation without telling the members)Yes... it sounds like Mafia type activity..organized crime.
    I also heard a rumor..noticed i said rumor.. that the FBI will be investigating.

  • hillbilly

    Francois- I was thinking more in terms of finding several test case around the USA... I'm sure that proscecuting several individual elders or BOE's would be effective for the following reasons...

    Individual cases would spread the media coverage to multiple markets

    Eggs in one basket threory... Class action suits take a long time to settle and if you loose -- Finding several good individual suite increasing the odds of getting a winner...Class action suits seem to loose media attention as they drag on too.

    Quality of defence--The WT has the 'guns' to fight one or two 'big' cases... Spreading the cases out against individuals whould keep the WT off balance...They would have to select the cases that have the highest profile and greatest chance to settle out of court or win outright in trial.

    The lower profile cases--in my opinion Brooklyn will leave those elders and BOE's twisting in the wind---further demoralization of the R&F would be highly possible.

    Remember the NAACP--Brown V Kansas was selected as their battle ground for a reason... they sued several boards locally but they felt Brown was the one to take to the top, so to speak. Using some good stratagy the NAACP got what they wanted, a high profile case that they could win.

    We are really just another 'civil action' out there in 'Ceasaers' eyes...At best maybe we can get some legislation that requires abuse reporting in all 50 states and a requirment for all religous councilors to carry malpractice insurnace.. Seems like we should be able to get some help from the ACLU or somebody as many of these cases have a ring of human rights abuses,many of the cased pending seem to have a racketering angle against the WT.

    WE have just let Pandora out of the box...let the festivities commence!

  • Celtic

    Count me in, I've posted on this a number of times, several angles Iwould love the chance of leveraging.

    Celtic Mark - Cornwall UK

    [email protected]

    Can't say anymore for now, I've a meal to attend with some media professionals at 8pm.

  • ISP

    I think there are some cases proceeding already in connection with child abuse etc.

    I think you are going to have to show loss yourself to get anywhere for a class action. I don't know if that applies. As far as the other charges are concerned they should be in the province of that state. It needs lobbying of congressmen to get that off the ground. It wouldn't involve us too much.


  • Francois

    Jim, I've thought about the breach of contract angle. Apparently it won't float. Also alienation of affection. Same deal.

    It does make sense that multiple cases will be more effective. You can count on old Needle-Nose Jaracz letting the "boys" out in the congregations twist in the wind. Talk about your demoralization.

    You know, I'd love to take that bastard Jaracz on in a one-on-one public debate about his candy-ass cult. Never happen. He's a thoroughgoing coward. Hear that Teddy-Baby? You're a coward. Want to prove otherwise? Want to prove you've got Jehovah on your side? (Think Priest of Jehovah vs. Priest of Baal.)Debate me. Any time. Any place. The topic? "Resolved: The Organization of Jehovah's Witnesses is a Cult." Standard collegiate format. We'll have Walter Cronkite and Sandra Day O'Connor as my choice of judges. You choose your two. The four of them will choose a fifth (judge, not bottle) I'll take the affirmative. How 'bout it? I AM getting tired of asking. You're making a laughing stock of Jehovah, there boy!


  • hillbilly

    Sorry Francois--i re read the post and apologize--I usually spell check a little beter... I write for a living (part time) and one of my lifes luxuries is posting on boards without a proofread.


  • Francois

    HB, I give. I'm lost. You got me. Whatever it is. I don't unnerstand. You win.

    I write for a living too and I don't really do much proof reading of my posts either, unless of course something really glaring hits me in the face and then I'll zip in there to change it so as to spare myself some embarassment.

    Now. I know what I've done when I've said oops. What have you done, saying oops?

    I sincerely hope I haven't committed a fox pass of some sort in your general direction. If I have, then I offer to you my humblest request for a thousand pardons.


  • Beck_Melbourne

    What about defamation of character? What about all the exjw who lose income because they have been slandered or because of the shunning rule. There are some dubs I know who lost income because of an insurance scandal and their business was given a bit of a rough time...they suffered financially as a small business, but this is more of a individual by individual basis.

    Another one which I have considered is slander. One overseer asked for my ex's permission to use our 'unfortunate' situation as an example in the next District Assembly, he did not ask for MY permission!


  • Pistoff

    My votes for lawsuits:

    Baptism in the WT is really a social contract, now that they have added the words, in association with his spirit directed organization

    The contract should NOT be entered into by minors, as they are unable to commit to a lifetime of behavior control they cannot appreciate until they are age of majority

    The terms of the contract are partially hidden until you have been JW for some time; notably blood transfusion, celebration of holidays and all manner of sexual behaviors are disfellowshipping offenses that are not discussed until quite well into the witness experience

    The contract most of us have either predates the added language or has been nullified by the apparent shifting of religious decisions from WTBTS to the "Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses", NOT the original party to the contract

    Any lawyers out there????

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