15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense

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  • plmkrzy

    Is it true or not true that "race" is a process of evolution?

  • dubla



    Lost the discussion, so now you want to start a flame war instead?

    Your original messages were extremely ignorant and stupid.....

    personally i dont think grunt was trying to start a flame war, he was just pointing out how unnecessary it is to insult anyone and everyone who stands in the path of your arguments, and how these constant insults actually detract from your perceived intelligence. ive noticed this about you too as of late.....you truly are sounding more and more like you know every day. some similarities:

    you both dismiss all opposers arguments as "stupid", "ignorant", and of course "unworthy" of response.....you both insert insults into handles (drooling about how clever it will look once posted)......you both erroneously claim victory on a regular basis......you both claim that youve somehow lowered yourself to another level by responding to unworthy posters......you both engage in stereotyping........you both ignore what you have no response for (selective rebuttals).......and of course you both resort to schoolyard namecalling in a pathetic attempt at discrediting.

    someone needs to get through to both of you about the importance of delivery. you can be the most educated person in the world and still come off like a complete ass if you treat everyone that doesnt agree with you like the scum on your shoe bottoms. (ass: a vain, self-important, silly, or aggressively stupid person.)


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  • JanH


    Is it true or not true that "race" is a process of evolution?

    The physical characteristics associated with race, yes.

    But race is as much a cultural construction as a biological one. In some cases, "race" is almost entirely a cultural concept (e.g. Jews).

    - Jan

  • Xander

    Gods above, it's like banging your head against a wall sometimes...

    change in ... ALLELES.

    And how, kind sir, DO YOU THINK THAT HAPPENS?!?!?

    An organism cannot change its alleles once it is already alive (well, and hope to survive the process, anyway).

  • sunscapes

    Yeah, exactly, what is a Jew anyway? Or what does one look like? Good point.

    I sympathize with those on here that are critical of the way parties to the debate tend to sound harsh, but hard-core creationists are also overzealous in applying half-truths and contortions as well. I think that, like other issues, the real truth lies somewhere in between; perhaps slanted toward evolution and adaptation theories, but in between nonetheless. It's when both sides dig in their heels and treat the subject as a dichotomy that good discussion and thought derails, I find.

    When you're brought up a loyal and zealous JW proclaimer, you're gonna hold a certain point of view.

    When you're brought up a loyal and zealous JW, then get kicked in the nuts by that same organization, you're gonna hold a certain point of view.

    When you're brought up a loyal and zealous JW, get kicked in the nuts by them, and then build a solid body of evidence against them, then you're yet gonna hold a certain point of view.

    How much we strive to filter these biases out of research will correspondingly determine the intellectual value of that research.

  • Crazy151drinker


    I will have to agree with Jan to a point. Since each child is different from its parent, it is constantly changing and evolving (some for the worst!). Granted it is also increasing as there are more of them, but each child is still different. If you look at the indians who live in the Andes you can see modern evolution. They have larger hearts (to compensate for the lack of oxygen).

  • Crazy151drinker

    Look at skin pigment. The skin of each race has pigment adaptations related to their expected exposure of the sun.

  • Grunt

    Jan, you post a thread with an insulting title leading to a link where a guy claims comets MAY have happened along with just what was needed at just the right time, a man who offers as evidence the fact that a computer program set JUST SO could find the phrase to a play and in fact find a whole play given time, a person that points out happily that an already complicated system could easily be adapted to another complicated system, by luck I guess and then when I question all of that by saying in my life I have never seen complicated systems easily adapted or even simple problems like keeping a non standardized round pole barn square and plumb you offer this:

    Extrapolating experiences from our world to ther world of molecules will quickly lead you astray. Molecules constantly form complex chains and patterns. That is their nature. To one who is used to watching wood and stones, which stay put where they are, it sounds very strange indeed, but this is the way the universe works on the molecular level.

    ..stupidly assume that nothing in the universe can behave in ways different from the materials in your back yard. I don't think your redneck approach to biochemistry really merits any serious response.

    Then you tell me I have been thoroughly rebutted in great detail??? I don't know if you are sitting there drunk looking for an argument or what. Telling me it is a "different world" isn't a rebuttal. Try building something with them sometime and you will find stone and wood don't just "stay put where they are" a proper foundation and supports or braces have to be put in at the right depth, width and angles. Maybe to you that does sound"very strange indeed, but this is the way the universe works" in reality. Also, when you insult people they tend to respond in kind, so that is always a mistake. Why don't you try just sticking to the argument? I know my point was simple. But you never answered it. So is yours really. I say an intelligent being designed all of this. You say it was a chain of events that just happened, some of which may have involved help from outer space, comets, or random selection defeating great odds. I don't even say it HAS to be god, you can have it be aliens if it suits you better and you want that outer space connection, just so they are intelligent enough to do the job, cause luck won't get it done. Your buddy chimes in with this, "Your barn analogy is not even wrong, it's totally silly. Not only that, it's pretty damn obvious. Even a child can make the argument that complicate dthings all have makers. Problem is it's not true." I am not trying to be anything but obvious. Name any complicated thing you have ever seen that didn't have a maker? Right. Now, prove it isn't true. Without insults if you can manage it. By the way G-man, the reason I mentioned it was a pole barn was because natural curves are much harder to work with than standard cut lumber. Understand that if you can without using cheese and shrimp.


  • Xander
    Try building something with them sometime and you will find stone and wood don't just "stay put where they are" a proper foundation and supports or braces have to be put in at the right depth, width and angles.

    No, AGAIN, you missed the point of his comment. He meant - if you leave a pile of stone and wood in one spot...it doesn't change.

    Atoms, on the other hand, when grouped together....DO change. They form complex molecules.

  • hannibal


    Skin color or other differances in body structure is common in all species, this

    is not and does not mean it is evolution.Look at the differant kind of dogs, big/small

    short hair/long hair so on and so forth.Much of the same in every species.What does that



    If I give

    birth to a handycaped child this doesnt mean its offspring will nesseccarly be

    handycaped.Many times they are not. And on down the line this doesnt even

    come close to new species being created. Adaptation is not evolution.

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