were you allowed to listen to music?

by knighthawk1981 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • Francois

    Listened to whatever I wanted. Of course, it was usually classical, but hey! why would the jdubs stop at classical?


  • minimus

    My cousin tried to get me in trouble for listening to a song by the SHOCKING BLUE called VENUS....she told my mother I listened to a very bad song called PENIS. She said if it was true she was going to throw my am-fm radio away.

  • devils_chiefadvocate

    You got it reborn thats the one....lol...

  • SpiceItUp

    I remeber getting "Poison" and "Skid Row" among others including "Madonna" that my mom made me take back....and then she complained to the ones that sold them to me....

    Shw tried to ban "Nirvana" but that was at the height of my rebellion...but to this day she still doesnt like them

  • space

    I couldnt listen to shit that I wanted to. But my dad(elder) would listen to cool music like Santana,doors,eagles,zz top and such. When I decided to leave the JW I would sit in my room and blare " The End" by the doors. My dad didnt like that ,I was only to listen to "light my fire" It was really funny watching him sqirm at the end of that song. " Father, I want to kill you. Mother I want to.....FFUUaaaaacccccckkkkkaaaawwwwwwww

  • queer_reality

    Pretty much.

    When I was about 10, my sister (15 yrs old) won an ice-cream eating contest. The prize was a KISS album. She would play rather loudly when she was especially pissed off at our mom. This was mid '70s.

    My mother liked Robert Goulet, musicals and elevator music.


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