were you allowed to listen to music?

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  • knighthawk1981

    when you all were dubs, were you restricted from listening to music some or all?

  • SoulJah

    HELL NO! I WASN"T ALLOWED TO LISTEN TO ANYTING I MIGHT HAVE LIKED,but on yhe other hand my sister got away with listening to "Stryper" [christian glam rock], and had New Kids on the Block posters on her walls. I wasn't even allowed to listen to "New Edition"

  • devils_chiefadvocate

    Oh listen to all the kingdom music you wanted to..other than that parents had to run it by an elder...LOL...i remember the song jack and diane forget who it is by...I thought my mom was going to have a heart attack..all music was bad....but for some odd reason country was pretty much ok with them...sure had nothing to do with there preferences..

  • Reborn2002

    i remember the song jack and diane forget who it is by...

    That wouldn't be?

    Jack and Diane- by John Cougar Mellencamp

    would it?

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  • StinkyPantz

    I could listen to whatever I wanted as long as there wasn't too much profanity.

  • Blackcat

    1983 - White Lines (Don't Do It) - 12 inch (Grandmaster Flash with Melle Mel) ..........returned home from the record store, managed to play it once, mother rushed up stairs removed record, and SNAPPED it in half !!

    1984 - I Feel For You - Chaka Khan...........was told by a newbie JW when i was 15 that it was sexually immoral and DEFINITELY NOT for christians.

    1985 - Do they know its Christmas - Band Aid ......... loved the song and listened to it to my hearts content , with my headphones on of course !!

    just a few from the top of my head , but the list of banned songs was endless !!!!!!!!

    Was a fan of the singing talents of Boy George too, and the look on my parents face when they first seen him(or her) was a picture in its self !!

    a joy to be free from narrow -minded thinking

  • Mackin

    The first album I ever bought with my own mind was "James Taylor - Sweet Baby James" and I got in soooo much trouble with my 'dub parents 'cos it was "worldly druggy music."

    James is so laid back it's hard to imagine how anyone could have objected to it.

    A while back I bought a double-CD set of James Taylor live in concert somewhere and I still really like it.


  • Celtic

    Classical music yes, all other forms of music except pop were off limits. My parents were fanatical with cleanliness so not a great deal of influence from the world was allowed to seep through to my consciousness, felt like the loneliest experience in the world, a childhood in near silence.

  • JanH

    I pretty much listened to what I wanted.

    My only form of self-censorship was avoiding heavy metal bands that were assumed to be "demonic", so I missed lots of great music I have rediscovered since.

    - Jan

  • ashitaka

    I listened to everything I wanted to, and got punished for it. typical Watchtower. The way to beat them is to wear them out....the only way.

    My personal WT gasp favorites.....

    Metallica (specifically pre-And Justice for All)


    Jimi Hendrix

    All Rap (I love rap, although I'm mostly a rock and roll boy)

    Some Jersey hard core

    Of course, at every convention there was the "naming of the bands", those several minutes of idiotic elders repeating what they read in Christian Anti-Rock magazines. What idiocy.


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