cani get sued by the WT

by knighthawk1981 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • knighthawk1981

    can i get sued by the watchtower if i write a fictional story about the org?

  • Faraon

    I don't think so if you make it clear that it is fictional, and you mention no names, but I would consult with a money grabber an attorney first.

  • knighthawk1981

    i was biking home from work and a great story idea hit me......the Watchtower is responsible for AIDS

  • Celia

    Does the government sue writers who write fictional stories about the US government ?

    I don't think so .

  • Francois

    No, you can't. Er, what country are you in?

    In the United States, you are absolutely protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution. If you want to see what's possible, rent the movie "Priest." This is a story about a homosexual Catholic Priest. Pretty condemning. No suit.

    Besides, in order to be successfully sued, you'd have to knowingly publish lies with the intent to wreck havoc on the Society. Telling the straight up truth about the society would be so revolting to most people, who'd have to make up lies? You notice they haven't sued Dateline nor Panorama. I'm not sure an organization can sue for slander or libel. I think that's an individual thing, and here too, it must be proven you published lies with malicious intent.

    I think a class action suit brought by the people on this board would likely work.

    Not only that, you'd have the perfect right to countersue. That's the very last thing the society wants: successful lawsuits by anybody. And they're not about to let anyone test some legal theory on them. If it were to be successful, the doors to their money would swing open wide.

    Go for it.


  • knighthawk1981

    true...but remember Dubs piss and moan bout everything

  • SYN

    The Tower responsible for AIDS? Erm. Not. Happening.

    Have you noticed that the Tower promotes people based on their "spirituality", not their knowledge of genetic engineering?

    What would be their motive? People with AIDS = less people to sell books.

    Not tearing you down or anything, just curious to see how you're going to write this!

  • knighthawk1981

    think about it.....around that tme they were losing members in droves due to the 1975 prediction.....what better way than to mae themselves look right about the blood issue than AIDS

  • Francois

    Maybe you could point out their "situational statistics." When they're getting lots and lots of new members, the lord is blessing their work; when they can't buy a convert, then the way to salvation is cramped and few are those who find it. They've got a scripture to fit every occasion. The one size fits all religion cult.

  • onacruse

    How about this: The GB is really a group of Martians, and the WTS is really a front for pod-carrying aliens as in Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

    Conspiracy theories always make for good book sales, and sometimes even a great movie! You could get rich off this, knighthawk!!!

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