Another NIGERIAN scam me thinks!

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  • recoveringexjw

    It has come to my attention that you ar4e currently holding funds in escrow owned by a late Barry Kelly.Well sir you will be most pleased to know that i am Mr. Barrys closest living relative.Many yrs ago my parents were killed by a band of pirates in the rainforest while on safari.Mr. Barry Kelly was my fathers uncle on my maternal grandmothers side. I was subsequently adopted by a band of Jewish-Ojibue indians and raised on the island of Naobo off of the coast of a tiny little nation Naiballaballa. Im now healthy and currently living in the U.S.A. Im 47 yrs old , i have 6 children 4 of whom are grown.Mr Baba the money in question is legally mine. You have no legal claim to the funds.Please email me the proper paperwork i need to fill out in order to claim said monies.Also please give a reasonable and convenient date for my family and i to travel to nigeria and claim monies in qestion.Thank you and have a nice day. The Reverand Deforrest Kelly

    this was my reply to mr paul babas offer

  • Reborn2002

    LMAO @ recoveringxjw!!

  • waiting

    Hey Trot,

    I received the same e-mail. I didn't read this whole thread, so I'm assuming others are thinking the same thing.......someone's using this forum for addresses?



  • VM44

    I got another one of these emails today! From DR JAMES BOLA. I replied to the email thusly,

    Dear Dr James Bola, I have just forwarded your email to Have a nice day.

    Now the scammer won't know if any replies to his scam are potential victims, or government investigators. Hehe!


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  • Valis

    ummmm nevermind...the formatting was all jacked up..
    District Overbeer

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