Why Are You Upset with the Society?

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  • patio34

    My dear Brother Larc,

    Thank you for setting such a compassionate, loving, and encouraging tone for this thread. Praise be to God. I used to be angry about not having full disclosure about the disfellowshipping policy and how it was actually implemented. But now you have shone your light and I see that it's not a big deal. It's theocratic warfare and, as the Mormons call it, Lying for the Lord. All's fair, huh?

    It's good to know there are ones like you to help us all maintain our balance. Who cares if the FDS lies and beats the domestics. Ours is to do or die, not to reason why, I always say.

    Now, excuse me, dear Larc, while I go throw up . . .


  • Dutchie

    I would not be nearly so upset if we were allowed to just walk away. To announce that we no longer wish to be a part of this organization and to go on our merry way, with the blessings and well wishes of all in the congregation. To be able to maintain my friendships and not be shunned by my family.

    If that were the case I believe I might even drop in to the Kingdom Hall from time to time.

  • larc

    Dutchie, You are way too sensitive. Kicking people out is God's way of showing love, don't ya know? Yes it's true, love your friend by turning your back on them. That is God's way.

  • sunshineToo
    Dutchie, You are way too sensitive. Kicking people out is God's way of showing love, don't ya know? Yes it's true, love your friend by turning your back on them. That is God's way.

    That is a good one, larc! Now tell that to Bill Bowen, Barbara and Joe Anderson. Oh, and don't forget to tell Loris as well, who has been threatended by the elders.

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  • SYN

    Truly, Jehovah loves each and every one of the 5.99 billion people who are shortly going to become birdfood!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    I just wish that they wouldn't insist on using me in an attempt to promote themselves.

  • hillary_step


    After your very reasonable post I decided to re-apply for Bethel Service. With the renewed understanding of WTS issues that you have bought to my heart, I am determined to work hard for the next few thousand years learning to care for Gods interests in the Brooklyn laundry. With God's blessing I might be promoted to a position trusted enough to allow me polish Theo Jaracz brogues with my hair. It would make me very proud to be able to sit on a very hard wooden bench for twenty hours at a District Convention just to be able to catch a glimpse of Him, whose shoes I polished.

    I would also deem it a great privilege to be allowed to recycle Madame Melita's more personal adornments into two-man designer 'Pioneer Tents'. Imagine outbreaks of paisley tents all over America as we take the Good News to the bad people. Like TJ, I feel ( I love to say that - I feel like TJ feels - it gives me little goose-bumps ) that the only real Christians were the ones of past years, who lived in chicken-coops and burned clergymen to keep warm.


  • FiveShadows

    Larc, i'm not angry towards the society...more like very disappointed and upset. The problem that makes me feel this way towards them is that they proclaim to be "God's channel of communication" yadda yadda yadda. When Referring to "God" they speak of 'Jehovah.' the society has repeatedly said that they are this Channel. But God NEVER said ANYTHING of this sort. Infact the Will of the Father is that Anyone believing in His Son will be saved. ...Christ said 'No one can go to the Father except through me' (John 14:6) And if the Faithful and discreet slave that gives food at the proper time is the 'anointed'...why do the other 'anointed' not have a say in regards of what goes on in the organization? I do believe the Faithful Slave IS the TRUE anointed but not the Society. The Channel of Communication is NOT the society...it is CHRIST. Because we are to go to HIM alone...and He IS the Door. and the ONLY shepherd. (John Chapter ten speaks of this) the hired man runs and flees and abandons the sheep...but the shepherd is willing to surrender his LIFE for the Sheep and HIS sheep know His voice...and follow Him.. 'For they do NOT need ANYONE ELSE to be teachign them because the anointing inside THEM will teach them ALL things' (1John 2:27) the Society proclaiming (including ANY other religous organization) to be God's Channel of Communication AND/OR "Truth," are proclaiming to be THE CHRIST. Because there is ONLY ONE Truth...and that is Christ (John 14:6) Therefore the society including ANY religious organization ...Seventh day Adventist... Latterday saints...Catholic....muslims..."Christians" ...Hindu's etc... that profess to be "Truth" ARE the "Disgusting thing causing desolation STANDING IN A HOLY PLACE " as prophocied by Daniel the Prophet. Yes, i am firmilar with 'being obident those taking the lead amoung you' ...yes...during the 1st and 2nd Centuries there were MANY Christians that were getting baptized. And were FAIRLY new to what they were learning. And The advesary could infact come and snatch them away and mislead them as he has been doing. Yes i am also firmilar that we have many 'tutors in Christ' ...The problem that RELIGION has (as well as what i've said above) is that when reading those scriptures...they took on themselves to be Moses. During the 1st and 2nd Century..when A christian was or going to be Baptized...yes they lacked faith , wisdom and experience...so they DID have to be 'tutored' ...yet at ONE point...when their Faith was strong...and they were aware of (keywords:)HOW TO GO TO THE CHRIST they were , 'no LONGER needing anyone to be teaching them.' Religion IMPRISONS the anointed...and DECLARES that in order for them to be saved they MUST be part of their religion. This within itself is a LIE. Because Salvation DOES NOT come through MAN...or any RELIGION (denominational or nondenominational) or anything else...it comes through CHRIST. and if we are to want salvation we are told to go to HIM (Christ). Many WERE taking the LEAD in the first and second century...but When the Spirit of Truth ...came upon them to release these ones to Christ. They did so. Because the Yougn ones KNEW how to SPEAK and communicate with Christ and How to LISTEN to his voice!. Remember? John 10? Where the Sheep KNOW the voice of their Shepherd? and they didn't follow eachother...but they followed THE SHEPHERD when hearing his VOICE. This builds a RELATIONSHIP between A SHEEP and His MASTER. So that one knows the other..and vice versa, so when coming to the Door for entry into the kingdom of the heavens...Christ May 'KNOW' the sheep and let the sheep have entry. (Mt 7:21-23) So when someone HAS something against his brother/neighbor...go directly to him and discuss the matter...If he does not listen...invite another. This same principle is applied with The Christ. When A sheep strays away...the Master will go to this one and let him know what he is doign and the dangers of it. If the Sheep does not listen...then The Master will send ANOTHER to speak what the spirit of Truth has said. We are invited to help one another and strengthen...but not look towards MEN on stages that glorify themselves in front of big arenas..but ONLY the Christ. by doing so The Master will reveal the Father to us. The SOCIETY (ANY RELIGION) proclaiming to be Truth..is a false christ and a THEIF and a PLUNDERER, and MISLEADS the entire earth by means of the Devil because they attempt to go to the FATHER directly not by means of the Master but because they BELIEVE they ARE the Master. This..is a LIE...that has sprung from the advesary. "BROAD AND SPACIOUS IS THE ROAD LEADING OFF TO DESTRUCTION" ...and keep this in mind because RELIGION is very BROAD and SPACIOUS. AND ALL proclaim to be "Truth" ...'the Way' to salvation..and 'the Life.' BEWARE of this digusting thing causing desolation standing in a holy place. For it is the seed of the not the Father..but the advesary. ~FS p.s. MAY JAH BLESS YOU AND YOUR HOUSEHOLD BY MEANS OF THE CHRIST, JAH-ESHUA.

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  • gumby

    Quote:.."they did make few mistakes, even though they are God's channel of communication."

    Yes larc....even Gods people in the bible made mistakes and Jehovah took them back....just as he has "taken back" Gods true people today.....and he has richly blessed them. How has he blessed them?

    With shitloads of lawsuits, dwindaling numbers, he's taught them how to use better theocratic lying in their spirituall warfare. He has slowed down the number of deaths among then with better blood policies and acceptance of vaccines.

    He has cut down on the number of brothers going to prison by allowing them to use their conscience and do alternative service....this has saved many from becoming someones bitch while in the can.

    Yes.....all of this he has overlooked with his people and richly blessed them time and again.

    It's those damn Catholics that he really hates! They are too damn wicked for even God to overlook.

  • Farkel

    Thank you Brother Larc for your insight and wisdom. It's too bad that "some" just don't see the workings of Jehovah in molding his organization into what it is today.

    Before Brother Rutherford died, he summoned Brother Knorr to his bedside and after a few fifths of Scotch, told him that Jehovah had picked him to lead the organization. Then Brother Rutherford died. The cause of his death was indirectly caused by his whole-hearted zeal for Jehovah. He was so consumed with serving Jehovah that he inadvertantly clamped a certain orifice of his so tight and so long that he literally blew up.

    Brother Knorr was also so zealous in Jehovah's service that he didn't even take the time to go to Brother Rutherford's funeral. Also, everyone else was so zealous in Jehovah's service that none of them attended Brother Rutherford's funeral, either. Even in his death, Brother Rutherford was so zealous in Jehovah's service that he didn't even bother to attend his own funeral OR burial.

    It was Brother Knorr who searched the scriptures and took a new look at Jesus' command to go and make disiciples in all the world. It was Brother Knorr and Brother Franz who noticed that the Greek word for "disciples" could also mean "corporations" and thus the expansion work went on to new heights. Brother Knorr took sexual expression out of the ranks of the noble and loving and put it in the gutter where it rightfully belongs. Then he died. Of brain cancer. This was another of Jehovah's miracles, because in Knorr's case, that was a medical impossibility.

    Brother Franz succeeded him. He spoke seven languages fluently, but no matter where he went or what language he spoke, no one understood a single thing he said.

    Brother Henschel succeeded Brother Franz and did most of his Bible research in Malta.

    Then Brother Jaracz took the helm. He has made sure we will never "go beyond what is wirtten." He did this by making sure we don't even go TO what is written. That way, we can never go beyond it.

    This is all Bible-Based(tm)"


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