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  • plmkrzy

    Finally It showed up on my pc.

    The artwork is kewl. I have always liked the fantasy stuff. The poster you did yourself seems to have a lot of messages in it. Yes? No?

    Was this angle fallen because of desire?

    Just curious because there seems to be an upside-down cross in/on her buttucks. And her legs are wrapped.

    I think you have a lot talent.

    The "who does this look like" pic does resemble Moe a bit. Maybe when Moe is in her 40's

    The one above it is DEFENATELY CHER


  • Xandria


    I am glad you like the artwork. The angel represents many things in my life and the images have many representations. I drew the legs bound but still unraveling (represents journey to be freed of many things) the upside down cross is part of the anatomy, I know black and white isn't always as clear as colored. The cross on her arm represents a reminder of religions and the betrayal, with the beliefs of man intertwined with the ritual of religion; how can it not be corrupted?

    The link above is the picture that looks like Moe in the face.


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