Watchtower's Dangerous Game

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  • witchywoman

    We all can plainly see that this is a possiblity, but I`m sure the publishing co. doesn`t have a clue, or doesn`t care. Not everyone will turn their destruction towards self like the young man that jumped from the Brooklyn highrise to his death.

    JWs come from all walks of life, not all have the same thought processes. When push comes to shove people will react differently. The puplishing co. should be careful who they piss off. They are being warned. Anything that might happen, they have brought upon themselves. Just like everything that is happening now is of their own creation.


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  • Sentinel

    Just as the old saying goes, "they made their bed, now they have to sleep in it". They are going to hold the organization together with all their might, anyway they can. Becoming even more restrictive and controlling is just one way. If something happens to their publishing company, they will blame it on Satan. Or,.....these darn apostates out here on the net, infecting the sheep!

    I have genuiene empathy for those who are so full of fear, that even after finding out they might have been misled, they continue to do as they always have. There is one in my family who relys on whatever an Elder tells her. If she questions something, they tell her how she should think, and so she does. She told me recently "the truth is all I have". I let her have her faith and her hope, because it is her life.

    To a large extent this is true of many people all over the world that make up the millions of people that the organization controls The majority can't let go of their own accord, because they are terribly insecure and afraid. They have to self confidence, thanks to the mind-conditioning of the borg. They cannot imagine life without the organization.

    I'm so thankful to be free of such mind control, arent' you? I can think for myself. I can have an opinion. Who says we are apostates here?

    Karen (This is what we need here, some cool! It is 99 degrees with heat index of 108)

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I'll be honest, before reading this thread, that thought had not occurred to me. Thankfully it has not occured to some unstable people. But you're right, it's only a matter of time. What saddens me is the way it will be spin doctored and blamed on "This Evil System of Things". They can avert disaster simply by acknowledging that people cannot be used and thrown away so carelessly and just change their attitude. But that won't happen will it?

  • minimus

    This is at least the second time that I read a post that could provoke an unstable person to do what you are referring to. I hope no loonies get any ideas to harm somebody because the idea is suggested by a thought provoking post. Of course, most of the loonies are in the organization, so they are probably not reading these comments.

  • Pistoff

    I am one of those old timers; I have been baptized 31 yrs, most of them filled with activity; I pioneered in my senior year of high school, like many here I had counselors after me no end to go to college, but I wanted to lay carpet or drive a truck the "last few years" of the this old system. Now I find out (are you listening, New York??? I am very upset about this, you lying sacks of crap) that they just took in a new law graduate of Duke; funny huh? Now they have a better lawyer than any of us can afford in order to fend off the mountain of lawsuits coming their way. Of course, they DO say, don't go to school in hopes of getting taken in at Bethel. What sort of idiots are we that we didn't scream bloody murder at this sickening hypocrisy?

    I have family in the org, and of course have raised my boys in the troof. I am now spending my wakeful nights deciding how to break it to them that the brooklyn boys have been lying like politicians the whole time. I hope they can come to terms with the fact that just because they got in touch with their God while in the troof, does not mean that God is behind the whole deal. And that we might not be living in the "last days" and that Jerusalem wasn't destroyed in 607, and we were part of the UN and the blood thing....umm.......sorry about that. Oh yeah, and the Nethinim, and oral sex just might not be "porneia".......ON AND ON AND ON.

    Geez, why would any of us go postal about that?????

  • proplog2


    Sounds like you are revealing some "wishful thinking".

    "Dangerous Game" is YOUR label.


    I think WBTS is playing a dangerous game.One day the wrong person is going to get really pissed off.Will threads like this be the thing that sets them off?I doubt it.Anybody who is going to do something crazy will do it regardless of what anybody says...OUTLAW

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