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  • libra_spirit

    You must have stumbled on a "bad congregation" that hasn't been cleaned up yet...............they are supposed to be giving you the "Love Bombing" treatment right now........LOL Unless there is something obviously wrong with you, so that you are not worthy of joining, do you have nose rings or anything strange like full body tattos? Anything that would make you stand out as different if converted into a Watchtower Drone. They will only want to assimilate you if your appearance can be made to fit thier specifications...LOL

    I'm just pulling your chain, LOL I suggest you stay away from them, because they do all seem to move with a single mind on this sort of thing. If you get on the "congregation black list" for association then forget it. You are a bad guy to them, not worthy of spending the time on. Someone to be feared or ignored, and you now have an insiders view of what that is like.

    It could also be that a lot of them are ashamed right now because of the pedophile scandles. They may be having trouble mustering the strength to do thier "Love Bombing" work on the "new ones".

    They aren't supposed to treat you this way until after you are baptized, and they can no longer count thier time with you as Witnessing, which they get a reward for.

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  • Sabine

    Welcome dsgal!

    This topic was a big bone of contention for my hubby and I when we first got married. He came from a "big shot" family because his dad was a missionary and had a brilliant career in the borg. I on the other hand, came from a single parent (mom) family, we had different last names (oh my she's a divorcee!!) and were hispanic in an all white congregation.

    My hubby thought everyone was treated the same in the hall, always invited to someone's home after Sunday meetings, always included in gatherings, etc. He finally realized if your dad isn't the PO, or even an elder, and you are a single woman (not into butt kissing) you are going to be very lonely in the borg.

    When we moved away from his family to a new area where no one knew his legendary family name...surprize we were just a new family in a hall full of cliques. No one wanted to get know us and after the meetings on Sunday we just went home alone to glow in the warmth of knowing we would someday live in paradise. Urgh!

  • bay64me

    In my opinion, my feelings are that thef uc inglotofthem are a packofbas tards and until someone is proven innocent, unfortunately you are guilty of not appeasing their paranoid state!...............

    Well you brought it up..?..!..?..!

  • MikeMusto


    do you stink? cuz the WT people are the cleanest people on earth, just ask them

  • FreeFallin

    Welcome dsgal.

    i'm surprised they didn't wait until after baptism to start excluding you.


  • StinkyDrawz
    do you stink? cuz the WT people are the cleanest people on earth, just ask them

    Holy crap! I figured out why my wife was DF'ed!! The whole time the answer was right where she was sitting.....her PANTZ!!



  • minimus

    Some literature recommended inviting those unbaptized, while other magazines expressed why this was so dangerous.I hope this comment will help you see the unity of the worldwide brotherhood.

  • Sentinel



    You indicated that you went to all the meetings and that someone was studying with you, I was just wondering, were you still unbaptized? The JW's are very careful about those that haven't "committed", but if you were serious, and it sounds like you were, I don't see why they didn't include you in some of their social gatherings.

    Perhaps you still had a "nasty habit" they didn't approve of. This is a way of manipulating you, to get you to take a closer look at yourself, so that you might make the necessary changes so as to bring yourself into the mold of acceptability.

    At any rate, everyone wants to feel loved and accepted. I'm so sorry you didn't receive that connection, but perhaps it was a blessing in disguise.

    You will find many sincere, genuiene folks on here.

    Love and LIght,


  • sweetone2377

    I wasn't excluded from gatherings untill my now dh started to go to the meetings. He was always invited everywhere, even my mother's house, while I was told to stay home and to not call while he was around. From his first visit to the Hall when I simply said hello and we exchanged names, they were determined to keep us apart. Guess it didn't work too well!

  • mommy1

    As a kid in the cong, I wasn't invited to much. But then nothing was really going on anyway except a boring wedding or shower.

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