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  • dsgal

    I faithfully attended all the meetings at the local kingdom hall...someone was studying with me...I went out in field service.But I never got invited to any of their social events.This hurt me so bad I stopped going to meetings.Just curious,anyone else ever experience shunning?

  • Jesika

    First I want to say welcome to the board.

    Second, boy did you just open a can of worms. Almost everyone here has experienced shunning. I am disfellowshiped and have been shunned by family and friends for 11yrs.

    I am sure you will have many replies to this topic, we all experienced it in one way or another.

    WELCOME again!!!!

    Love Jesika

  • LizardSnot


    Yes...we got treated like that too...*didnt fit into the 'click'

    BTW...Welcome to the board


  • onacruse

    Welcome dsgal, and first of all, you WON'T be shunned on this board. Having been here only a short time myself, I've unexpectedly found TREMENDOUS acceptance.

    As for JW social groups/events: you don't say you were ever baptized. That usually puts a big damper on the social stuff with dubs. As with any tightly controlled closed group, acceptance into the confidences of the social cliques required that you first make an unequivocal commitment to them.

    OTOH, on this board, NO such obligation. Say what you think (within liberal social standards), and you will instantly have access to thousands of folks that have been through the same things.

    Watch and see!


  • SpiceItUp

    Welcome dsgal

    I too, even though I have never been DF'd or DA'd have never really been welcome in many homes...and that was when I did go to the meetings regularly. I guess they all thought of me as "bad association" since I wasn't baptised. Oh well...its their loss I say and the same with you. Glad you didnt get too suckered into their "realm".


  • SYN

    Welcome to a website filled with people who experienced that, and far, far worse!

  • Sadie5

    Welcome to the board. yes, we were hardly ever invited to social gatherings. Our oldest son got baptized thinking he would get invited. the invitations did pick up a bit for him, but we were still marked for some reason.


  • RedhorseWoman

    Yep, happened to me, too. I spent 30 years being a "faithful" Witness....even pioneered for three years, and I could count on two hands the number of times I was included in any social events.

    The lack of love and the cliques, along with the gossiping and backbiting, were the things that caused me initially to become inactive. The social classes and the lack of love seem to be endemic throughout the organization.

  • TheStar

    Yep me too. I was invited to more social events when I was studying then when I actually became a witness. The cliques and all is just ridiculous and thus why it was not hard at all for me to put those people behind me. I'm not df or da'd but I could care less of what any of them think of me or if any of them ever spoke to me again.

  • NewWay

    Welcome {{{{{{{{{{dsgal}}}}}}}}}}

    Yes, this story could probably be told a thousand times. In order to belong to the 'in' crowd you have to do all the things that are expected for membership.

    Kind regards.

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