Do dubs deal with death better than others?

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  • Valis

    Oh they deal with death very well..As a matter of fact its one of thier greatest guilting tools. The implied threat that you will die in Armageddon and not see the dead person again is enough to keep many a good little JW in line. They also mask the grim reality of death with the delusion of a ressurection and restoration to a perfect form.


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  • joannadandy

    Valis I couldn't agree more!

    The "resurrection hope" is why I think my parents will never leave the dubs. Since my sister died they honestly think they have to be good and pure so that they make it and can welcome her back in the resurrection. The pressure is really on them now because my sister and I are doomed for sure, and they can't just leave my six year old sister alone in the paradise with no family...that would be too cruel. Oh yes and my sister and I hear all the time about how sad she will be when neither of us are there with her.

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  • new boy
    new boy

    For a few years I sold life insurance.

    It was amazing how few dubs have it, many had it but way to little. I've seen many folks cry at funerals for different reasons, The ones without life insurance seemed to cry a little longer.

  • minimus

    JW's that are "weak" in the faith cry more. Those that are "strong", don't cry too much.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    The JWs seem to mourn less than most ``wordly" people. I'm sure they would like to attribute this to their strong faith; I say it's because of the dehumanizing effects of their doctrine that downplays the uniqueness and individuality of eadch and evfery one of us. The pro-forma WT funeral talk outline specifically cautions the speaker against ``eulogising'' the dedeased.

  • DanTheMan

    Room 215:

    EWWW reading your post MAKES ME ILL!!! Those Brooklyn shmucks have to prescribe how everything is done. God it makes me sick that I wasted 10 years serving those sick bastards.

    I only went to 1 funeral while I was in. The talk was given by one of the local heavies who everybody admires because he has such a mastery of the mental gymnastics and scripture soup recipes it takes to keep WT doctrine straight. It was a strange occasion, one of many that made me say "hmmm".

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