The TRUTH about Beck Melbourne !!

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  • Francois

    Now, now, Refiner's old top, that's my Noddy you're talking about here. And I can say without pause or let that is definitely not the beautiful and charming Beck. Ask Andy. Or me.


  • ozziepost
    We're behind you!

    Why's that, Fire Dragon? You scared, or something? !

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • TheStar

    LOL Ozzie.

    Congrats Beck and may the force always be with you!

  • Reborn2002

    TheStar said:

    Congrats Beck and may the force always be with you!

    Ironic coming from a person who has Natalie Portman as their profile picture.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Thanks everyone for coming in and having a drink with me you sweetie pie munchkins .... *tink* .... that's our glasses toasting in celebration!! Little toe, you need to have more fights to boost your posts (just kidding).

    Pope: I would like to know what become of the other shoe! I shall launch a full investigation and apply for government funding - what good am I to a one-shoed nation? I want to make a difference and improve the impoverished lifestyle of the oppressed! The one shoed man shall have a voice and will be heard!! The FORCE be with me!!

    Refiners: pubic area - damn it all I missed that one - the more information in the pubic area the better - come one come all - *rolls eyes at too many inyourendos*

    Francois: That's right, its definitely not eyebrows are real. Refiners couldn't have chosen a more flattering personality. They have a float in her honour at the heroes parade in Sydney each year and she's also a favourite celebrity most transexuals in the entertainment industry like to mimic - velly famous woman and velly rich....unfortunately velly ugly!

    Ozzie: I'm not that scarey Ozzie...are you coming over to my house for soup on Sunday too?? *evil grin*

    My cup runneth over.


  • TheStar


  • Mackin

    Congratulations O great and wondrous Jedi.

    *bows low in the magnificent dazzling glow of Beck*

    Please be gentle with us mere mortals who look on in awe of your majesty.

  • Prisca

    Welcome to the Australian sense of humour Frankie.

    BTW, RF has met Beck, and so have I

  • teejay

    That is about the most thoroughly planned, researched and executed thread I've ever seen. Thank you, Refiners, for the heads-up.

    And Beck? I truly didn't know the role you played in world affairs. If I *ever* said ANYTHING to upset you... I didn't mean it. It was a joke. Okay? A JOKE. I was only kidding.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire


    Thats the method.

    PLAN. WAIT. And at the proper moment EXECUTE

    I Love that word "execute"

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