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  • Imbue

    One more thing pale, neon, freerange chicken:

    Frankly, that thread was sort of a joke between the ladies but Judy Chicago is a very famous female artist with many works in museums. These ladies didn't believe me when I spoke of her works so I posted a link for them to view her infamous art show form the 1970's. Most Art History of the World textbooks mention Judy Chicago and that show. You may wish to learn something about culture someday as well.

    So, yes I consider it a sincere thread.

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire


    I wouldnt worry too much about Imbue if I were you. You and the other girls along with Syn are the main posters on the board at the moment. So shes targetting you. I would nt bother explaining ,unless you feel like it, or have nothing better to do, after all....noone really cares and noone here who is worth a damn has any problem with how many names you post under.Posting to Imbue is a waste of time basically, you can logically expose her in arguement, but none of it registers with her. So....I think shes the one with "reading Comprehension" problems....a standard accusation oh hers by the way, along with her pleas that you "seek medical help" for mental problems.

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    oh i just read this! (and i knew you weren't talking about me, Simon, because you know all and see all. i just wanted to explain to you, since it was brought up. i know it takes an enormous amount of effort to keep this wonderful site up and running, and mainatining all these accounts. i hadn't thought about that part of it before.)

    see, Simon's on the job everyone, so lighten up just a little ok? we're all still brothers and sisters but in a better positive way, aren't we?

    ~incense of the "i-don't-count-how-many-posts-people-make-or-how-many-user-names-they-have-or-edit-the-content-of-their-posts-for-seriousness-or-validity-or-ask-anyone-to-justify-themselves-or-their-time-spent-here-or-call-anyone-troll-or-suggest-mental helath-counseling-to-my-fellow-posters" class. live and let live, i always say.

    p.s. that comment wasn't directed to anyone in particular, i just want everyone to know where i stand on this kind of thing and oh brother even as i'm typing this it seems kind of silly and unnecessary. oh well. as scarlett o'hara would say. "tomorrow is another day".

    p.p.s. hereafter, i shall only be known as "Incense_and_Peppermints" to satisy the sensibilities of some of the more apprehensive posters. (but stop posting FUN stuff? only when they can pry my cold dead fingers from my mouse, haha)

  • Imbue

    Just to clarify for Free Range Incense:

    I wasn't targeting anyone in particular or freerange pale whatever. I made a general comment about MY opinion concerning multiple accounts dominating the board with one persons mentality. It is freerange Incense that took personal offense to a general comment about this activity so maybe freerange is feeling guilty.

    It seemed to be alright for a certain person to complain about Bill Bowen's silent Lambs dominating the board which is a legitimate JW issue.

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  • Beck_Melbourne

    Hello I & P

    I agree with Refiners...Keep posting your fluff I&P and ignore the mentally challenged!


    @Imbue LOL

  • ISP
    . who's stupid enough to "pose" as someone and post to themSELVES?

    Greg Stafford did! He needed some support and gave himself some! That was on H20, a while back!


  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    oops. i have exceeded my posting limit for today, so i'm posting this here:

    Korn is in town tonight - any fans out there?

    p.s. here's an interesting note about the opening band's (deadsy) lead singer - he is the son of gregg allman and cher. anyway, i'm taking my son to see them tonight, and his friend. (i'm wearing earplugs) goodnight

    3 reasons to see Korn

    Epic Records



    WHERE: America West Arena, 201 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix.

    WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 1. Puddle of Mudd and Deadsy open.

    TICKETS: $38.50, (480) 784-4444 or www.ticketmaster.com .

    Larry Rodgers
    The Arizona Republic
    July 29, 2002 09:38:42

  • Korn crib Rockers find inspiration in Valley

    Although Korns powerful live show is always a force to be reckoned with, its concert here Thursday may bring an extra punch, thanks to the band's affinity for the Valley. When the group sought a change of scenery to write a new album last year, it came to Scottsdale and had what one member calls "one of the best times of our lives."

    1 SCARY STUFF Korn moves into video in a big way on this tour, which supports the dark, new 'Untouchables' CD. "The show opens with a little horror movie," drummer David Silveria says. The nightmarish film continues throughout the show.

    2 GLOOM AND BOOM Korn has sold more than 11 million CDs on the strength of heavy yet funky music, which supports the tortured ?vocals of Jonathan Davis. His work ?has gained range since he underwent substance-abuse rehabilitation.

    Find the CD: $11.95 at Amazon
    $13.28 at CDNow
    $15.09 at CDUniverse
    $16.48 at Barnes&Noble
    3 AFTER HOURS With the Phoenix show the last on Korn's 24-city outing, we wonder whether the band will head to its favorite Scottsdale night spots after the last power chord sounds. Cat Eye Lounge and Babe's Cabaret were their hangouts.

    * * *
  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Hey Beck.....at the rate you are going you will make Jedi by Christmas.

    ..."who's stupid enough to "pose" as someone and post to themSELVES?"....

    Someone who seeks to influence public opinion, thats why they do it.

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  • Imbue

    ...Yes, keep posting but, for the mentally challanged!

    @ beck lol

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire


    There you go IP, the people who talk to you on the board are mentally challenged.

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