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  • Mum

    My daughter and I, fun-loving apostates that we are, have some terms we use regarding the WT organization and other cults. I would like my fellow posters here to tell us their terms, buzz words, etc., to add to our list: To get the ball rolling, two of our favorites are:

    cookie-cutter theology


    This should be fun!

  • truthseeker1

    "Genital class" : those who hope to procreate in the new system

  • SYN

    There was a thread about this stuff recently...argh...here is some more:

    Dub - Abbreviation for "Jehovah's Witness", taking their name from a ponderous 5 syllables down to ONE!
    J-Dub - See above. For the less hardcore Apostates.
    Dubby - Derogative form of "Dub" - can also mean smaller Dubs.
    Catholics - Really cool bunch of people that Dubs hate.
    Protestants - Really cool bunch of people that Catholics hate.
    BORG - Taken from StarTrek, used to describe the state of the Society at any given point in time. Robot-like obedience is implied, and no freedom of thought.
    BORGanization - See above.
    Roaring - Activity pursued by Silent Lambs who are now screaming about their abuse and making the Tower quiver in it's booties.
    Tower - Short for The Watchtower Bible And Tract Society, a bunch of guys in Brooklyn who sell books and think they're God. Or something.
    LIGHT - For Dubs in the BORGanization, there are many kinds of light. There is New Light, there is Old Light, and there is Middle Light, which is only found in certain special Halls.
    Kingdom Hall - Pretty obvious if you've ever been a Dub, a Kingdom Hall. Often abbreviated to KH or Congregation for short.

    Please see Farkel's brilliant "Watchtower Terminology" post for more Dub terms and sayings!

  • SYN

    LMAO @ TruthSeeker!
  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist

    I like Kent's "Witchpower Bable and Crap Society" and Gary Busselman's "The Theochronic Misery School". The great Farkel's "Babylon the Grape". Then there is the generic J-Dubs or Dubs. The humor of it is healing, don't you think?

  • zenpunk

    I like when they call Brooklyn - "Crooklyn". It fits.

  • Francois

    Don't forget the "Dark Light"

    This is the kind of light that lets Ted Jaracz act like a criminal caught in the act when he's ambushed by a news crew. It also let's the entire Borg justify child molestation.


  • Nanoprobe

    Personally I always thought it was the Watchtower Bible & Cult Society

    A few definitions for common terms:

    Thong noun

    Female undergarment. Thought to have uncanny powers. Used in Judicial Meetings to determine intent.

    Education for No Purpose noun

    education for no purpose

    Archaic term: may refer to liberal arts degree.

  • nita6368

    Kingdom Cult was always one of my favorites

  • JWinSF

    Here a few:

    Kingdumb Hall

    Kingdumb Hell [variation]

    BORG [scary, since Star Trek's mind-controlling group actually uses the initials of the Brooklyn ORGanization - I wonder if the writer had dealings with the JWs]

    Jehovah's Witlesses

    BTW, did'ja ever notice that the abbreviation for Book Study is BS? How apropos.

    Weakly Meetings

    Sisters adhere to "the principle of hardship"

    That's it for now,

    John W Wirtanen

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