Femininity, God, Satan & a Truck

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  • Amazing

    ... and she is only ten! wow! ... I must have also bought my Ford Truck from Satan (disguised as a JW Reg. Pioneer.) ... literally, it lost oil and seized the next day. I rebuilt everything on that truck, and never had any good luck with it, untill the day I sold it another JW Reg. Pioneer, who in turn sold it back to the same Satan I bought it from. FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily

  • Larry

    Amazing what we can learn through the innocent eyes of children.

    LL :)

  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon



  • Francois

    Great work. She's got a future as a writer. Maybe a comedy writer. Maybe she could be a standup comic? She's good.


  • Jesika

    Hey Six,

    I thought it was cute!!!! I love the way children see things!

  • SpiceItUp

    I like

    hey Six--I just got a little bit more respect for you

    hee hee

  • simplesally

    Great story...... Tell her I am surprised she didn't kill God before she ended the story

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    I realize this post is a couple days old but I haven't been online in a while because I've been hanging out with the amazing 10-year-old who wrote this. (She's my daughter, too. I home school her and she refuses to write the compositions I assign, but that's okay because she comes up with stuff like this instead.)

    Thank you all for your comments. I'm a little verklempt with pride right now.

    Six, you should post her previous essay, "The Mormon Crickets."

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