How to get reinstated

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  • snowboardingguy

    What kind of questions am i gonna get asked when i go to get reinstated? how hard is gonna be?

  • MrMoe

    Why bother? No offense if it is to be with family again... just ICK... no thanks...



  • messenger

    Just keep a kool head and do not try to defend or justify anything that happened in the past. Just say you hate what you did and now want to serve Jah. You might want to read the latest mags before you get there and talk about an article you read, that will confirm you are studying. Finally mention how much you are praying and begging Jah to help you come back to the congregation. Apply for reinstatement about every 90 days and give your note to the PO. Ask him if you are doing what you need to do to get back in.

    Its just a game,you have to play it if you want back in.

    Just remember if everyting else fails kiss major ass, you are going to be doing it for a long time...

  • Scully

    I would imagine the kinds of questions you'll be asked depends on the reason why you were DF'd in the first place (which is none of my business).

    You will likely be asked to give evidence that demonstrates to the elders that you are repentant of your behaviour. They will look at your record of meeting attendance. They will probably ask you about your relationship with Jehovah and whether you've drawn closer to him in prayer.

    If there are areas which - in the elders' estimation - require improvement, they should really outline what is expected of you, and for how long, before they will consider reinstating you.

    If this is what you really want, all the best to you. If it were me, I would walk away and never look back.

    Love, Scully

  • libra_spirit

    It will all depend on the elders. No kidding, they have the power and you will have to submit to anything they think up to get back in. You may even try doing it in another location where no one knows you. You must get them convinced that you are once again righteous, and most importantly, correctly programmed! Read, read , read the literature, believing without questioning. If you are properly programmed then you will not be a threat to enlightening the flock. Do not watch the news or read any outside literature, do not listen to any apostates, like us, do not think or reason for yourself, and you will be welcomed back....after about a year or so of them rubbing your nose in it. However the stigma of having been DFed will probably stick with you forever and many in the congregation will still gossip about you if not all out avoid you, at the least many will probably always look down thier noses at you.

    Good Luck, and know they will never Love you unless you apear as righteous. Kind of a fear based love, if that is possible!

    I almost forgot, say Jehovah a lot, "Jehovah willing", stress your duty to preach Jehovahs word. Say something about how much you miss going in the field service, and how much you need to do Jehovahs work in this time of the end, and how you miss associating with Jehovahs righteous people, they love that kind of talk. Apear fanatical, like your life depended on getting back in and you are quaking in fear to get thier aproval. They will sense your underlying fear and pick right up on it. Let them know how glad you are that they are saving you from destruction. Tell them you are so relieved that they are there to be your sheperds during this time of downfall. Act shaken and worried, focus dramatically on thier every word, as though you were standing before the old testament God himself, about to recieve the ten commandments, they really get off on it, it will make them feel good. This is the art of stroking thier ego's, but they will not recognise it as that. When they correct the error of your ways, as defined by them, thank them for thier insight and love. Hug them at the end of the meeting and repeat how greatful you are to be in Jehovahs Organisation once again........and then start to cry....this will be seen as heartfelt. Remember it is them who are being asked to read your heart not God, so they must percieve a heartfelt submission to them.

    Or get some dirt on one of the elders and simply bribe him, they also understand raw power and fear.

    Once again Good Luck!

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  • mr party
    mr party

    hi there, thay will ask you are you sorry for what you did? and tell them that you are very sorry.let them know that you are sad, and act repentant. tell them what you did. 'give and take' and how stupid you where for doing it. then bow your head very low in your hands. rub your eyes look up and say! how can i live with myself? disappointing 'Jehovah' please forgive me. at that point lower your head in your hands and make a wimpering sound. this works very well. after you are 'back' go out in service until you are respected. then switch halls, and you will be ready to give it a try with another group of elders that won't have a clue. may you live long and prosper.

  • SYN

    You may want to look into getting a pre-frontal lobotomy!

    This is something I feel very qualified to give advice about, if only in a sarcastic way!

    You'll want to grovel to the Elders. PartyGuy stated it well, and an emotional performance like that will have you mowing lawns and carrying around microphones in a week or two tops! Hope you enjoy it!

    Say, are you going to reply?

  • thewiz

    metaphorically and allegorically speaking, two things:

    "will you suck my/our proverbial dick/s?"

    "will you kiss my/our ass/es?"

    if you can do those two things your're in

  • MikeMusto

    everone here be talking about being sad. u most know

    the differential between Godly sadliness and worldly sadliness.


  • Perfection Seeker
    Perfection Seeker

    If you are going back in name only- just to get label off, and aren't trying to be a good witness- my advice to you: Lie Lie Lie. I wanted to get reinstated so my family could talk to me. I said I pray more than ever, read the bible, do research, life was meaningless w/out Jehovah, the friend & family- and how I would NEVER do anything to displease Jehovah again. I said I learned from my mistake, and would NEVER do it again, and that I crave the association, and that I truly felt Jehovah had already forgiven me, it was just a matter of getting the elders to know & see I was repentent. Then, I asked if I could get a bible study, to help strengthen me up again. They said SURE! Course, I just never did get around to scheduling that.... :-) GOOD LUCK!

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