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  • BluesBrother

    Rather that trade insults over obesety, I think the original post was a good one.

    All of us were taught to live in the present and leave the future in "Jehovah's hands" . The result is a lot of us in dead end jobs, some never married or never had kids and certainly not save towards an increased pension That would be lost money since we never believed it would be drawn upon.

    WE prided ourselves on being the "Foolish , who were putting the world to shame [ 1.Cor 1.27]

    now we look back on a wasted life,three quarters over, and whilst taking responsibility for our own decisions we cannot excuse those whom we trusted to be "Spirit directed"

    OK not nearly so bad as those who have been abused , but I still felt like having a moan!

  • irish00

    what you eat is up to you and not what jws tell you i was a jw for 15 years i could eat what i want but i know i should eat good food the watchtower many times talks about what good food how to be clean ect i guss you never read it. but it is a sin to eat too much . the elders are not there to tell you what to eat

  • irish00

    yes the future is very important to jws as they talk about it all the time , but they put their future in gods hands smart if you ask me i want god on my side i have a very good job i work for myself and make a lot of money but money is not all in life theres lots more like been happy knowing your on gods side whatever your faith is as long as you obey god and his son you will be ok ,,, may god be with all of you

  • simplesally

    I had a 401K whenever the employer offered one. Other than that, I was a regular pioneer and didn't have the money to ever contribute to the fund, I worked part-time (yah right, 3 12 hour days most of the time) and then had to put in 90 hours a month. Lucky for me, my profession is not reliant upon degrees but sales, so now I am able to work a more sensible schedule.

    I remember a life insurance agent soliciting me and I listened. I heard him out and then said I already had a plan. It was called "The New System" he said he never heard of that plan. I informed him. Boy, he must've had a hard time keeping a straight face as I witnessed to him and placed the Awake on 1914 I just "happened" to have in my purse, although he did bring me a magazine (secular) that referred to 1914 as changing the world. A whole article about it.

  • blacksheep

    I agree with some of the points of the original post. The carpe diem (minus the carpe) attitude does get to me. I resent it a bit now, although I managed to get a university education, I really just fell into it, and had little direction. For my JW mom and JW supporting dad, university was just a stop-gap till I married a JW guy...didn't happen. LOL, yes the dreaded college education did help to open my mind (much to my mom's dismay).

    So it frustrates me now to see my highly intelligent nephews and nieces just sort of floundering around, not preparing themselves for any type of successful career (obviously college is out). To me it's a big, unfortunate waste and a mindframe I cannot relate, anyway.

    As for the obesity thing, interesting observation. A couple of my witness family members ARE quite overweight. And I won't hesitate to acknowledge that obseity in this country in general HAS reached alarming proportions: the JW's don't have the market on it. But oddly enough, I really think in my sister's case, hers is the result of an eating disorder, of suppressing and/or repressing a lot of feelings. And, she's obsessed with her weight--my mother is also obsessed with my sister's weight. When I was a witness, I too, had an eating disorder: anorexia. I believe it was directly related to my inability to "control" my life; all control came externally.

    So, I do think that JWs (particularly women, who really DON'T have any ability of really achieving anything in the organization. As lame as these posts might sound to some, at least MEN--rank and file type guys--can aspire to be M/S's, elders/go to bethel, etc.. Have some JW status of sorts...Women? What do they have accept the chance to marry and subject themselves to their husbands. Or maybe pioneer...whoopee.

    Just my thoughts.

  • blacksheep

    Oops, sorry, in my verbosity, I realize I didn't complete my last thought...

    It's this: I DO think JWs (particularly women, for the reasons I mentioned in the last post) might have a greater tendency towards eating disorders due to their repression/suppression of feelings and desires, etc. From MY observation, a lot of the JW women I knew were pretty obsessed with weight, but at the same time, tended to have weight problems. Purely personal POV. But, at least observing my devout JW mom's comments, she's unusually obsessed with the weight of her JW daughter, to a point where it seems quite odd to me. I guess it's back to the old "keeping up appearances" JW POV.

    And, oddly, the eating disorder *I* had while in the JW's disapppeared (actually quite quickly) when I came out of the org.

  • irish00

    i see people and more in the usa who are fat and i mean fat i had some big friends but i think its something wrong in the usa to blame jws for your weight is just a way to make your self feel better just like when a loved one dies we say why god why did you take him/her from me
    we like to blame others for what we ourselfs do.

    i lived a life of a jw for 15 years i did it because i belived it was true now i feel mabe some of it is and some of it may not be but when i left i left because i wanted to i was a elder for 7 years i never told anyone what to eat or not to eat but sometimes i would tell brothers / sisters
    what was good to eat but its up to you in the end of the day. i also told ones that they should use their skills to prise god but never said dont learn anything thats foolish school has its place money has its place and GOD han its place too. as i said before i work for myself and make a lot of money, but its what you do with it is whats important . a person can make a lot of money all his life and die poor why because he did not keep it. when i worry about money it is when i have to take it out of the bank most of my life i onely put it in and keep some out to live this is for when im old mabe sick or for my wife kids etc. the watchtower never said dont go to school it said learn but use what you learn for god theres a lot of things wrong with jws
    but lets not make up things ok but then dont we all have things wrong in our lives.

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