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  • Kjell Hedblom
    Kjell Hedblom

    Hi MELISSA!!

    Well its easy to get addicted to anything concerning Internet! I am mostly out there 5-6 hours everyday when possible.And this Forum,I must say have helped me out alot.Got some new friends from my country and they have shared me their experiences concerning JW and they have helped me to continue my life.

    So this place is a great place to visit whether one is still a JW or out from them.

    Hugs from Kjell Hedblom

  • Carmel

    Looking for perfection? Look no further! You've found me! Addition cured!


  • ChuckD

    Did you know that there is a 12-step program available for people who talk too much?

    It is called on-and-onanon.

  • bad_associashun

    hi melissa,

    i too feel this site has helped me recover, even tho i've been out for some time now, the damage seems to have increased- very few friends, no real motive for living- the wts techniques have taken their toll. this site has been refreshing to read of others' experiences & feelings- it helps to not feelso abandoned. thanks to all of you.

    from reading your type, i get the feeling you would be a fun person to know as a friend- very energetic & personable. i sincerely hope the wts has not destroyed your character. i always enjoy your posts.


  • Perfection Seeker
    Perfection Seeker

    Bad Association- your post made me sad :-( Don't let them ZAP your spirit & motivation to live! They did that to me & I hated it! Tried suicide so many times- then in 1994- said SCREW IT- and left. (course got reinstated so I could have the priveledge (YEAH RIGHT) of talking to my family) so not exactly all the way out. I tried to email you- but its restricted- email me if you want to talk!


  • 13th_apostate

    this is a great site. I've been a lurking off and on for a couple years. this past year I have been visiting and reading a lot more of this site. I've been "out" since 92, but I still find that the root cause of a lot of my behavior is tied up in the influence the WTS had over me when I was younger. my wife doesn't understand completely because she was never in. I try to explain but unless you have lived in the borg, you can never really understand what it is like and how insidious its influence is. I say insidious because you never really see how bad it is until you leave it alone and "get some serious perspective" on it. still, she listens to me ramble on about the WTS when I think that maybe I can relate an incident or practice that would make sense to her, something that would help her see why I have such anger toward the WTS. on this board, its a great feeling not to have to explain because nearly everyone understands on some level.


  • SYN

    Aw man, and here I promised myself to only post 100 times today, now look what you've gone & done, you've made me max out my 3rd username! LOL j/k

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