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  • Perfection Seeker
    Perfection Seeker

    HI! I just found this website on June 23- and haven't done ANYTHING else since! I am spending 25 (lol) hours a day on this site! I can't leave. If I leave to shower or walk the dog, or do anything- I come right back up & on the computer! Not really complaining- this site is awesome, and was VERY timely & helpful. I think this site should be on the back of every Watchtower-lol. Keep up the good work everyone! This support system is awesome. Better than any I had in the "TRUTH" for all those years. How many hours does everyone else spend on here? Probably depends on your level- where you're at with leaving, etc. Just curious :-) Thanks to all who welcomed me & posted replies to my posts. Melissa

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  • Dawn

    HI there. I spent a lot of time here at first also - reading everyone's posts and looking up information. It really was helpful. Now I drop in every few days to see what's up. You're right - it is addictive!!

  • larc

    Welcome Perfection Seeker. I came here two years ago. I am retarded, oops, I mean I am retired, so I spend a lot of time. In my case, I have been out many years, so I have resolved my issues, but I thoroughly enjoy reading people's stories, giving information when I can, and forming some friendships. Yes, this place is addictive. Two years ago, my wife and I put in a garden. Last year with my involvement here, no garden. This year, I am reclaiming my life. Put in three tomatoe plants. Hey, that is progress compared to last year.

  • YoursChelbie


    I'm not sure that there IS anything to help someone who is addicted to this site. :)

    I think since I began posting not long ago, I've come back to try to get to know PEOPLE as well as what they have to say. After coming out of the tight grip of the WTS, I just need to know that there IS life afterward and it can be WONDERFUL. I cherish every day that I live and take nothing for granted. I may not always agree with what others say but I feel a special bond to each and every one of you because of our similar past.

    love and hugs to everyone!

  • Delite2k

    **WHEW!!** I see i'm not the only one who's addicted to this site. the info is so interesting, I keep coming back.

  • castyurcare

    ***sigh of relief*** i am addicted to this website too and paying for it big time---->lack of sleep! However!!! It is very informative, and i am getting insights and understanding , much needed. Now, if I could just find someone else out there in the same situation, ie. spouse a jw and i am NOT! Holidays are a real tough time at our house, i am going to his family's 4th of July party and he stays home! None of his family is jw, so thankful for that! And this week-end is the 3 day convention! What a waste of time and gas! Wonder what "new revelations" will be revealed this time! Man, this is getting old...........didn't mean to whine (cheese and crackers anyone??) just need to vent a little.... thanks....

  • Jim_TX


    I think there's a 12-step program for that.

    The first few get you to the door - and the rest are outside.


    Jim TX - (I'm on the program myself)

  • Faraon

    I am adicted too, but I count my hours to the Invisible Apostate Directory of North America, Illinois Division.


    i am addicted to my webtv BUTNOT ALL 24 hours is spent on this site sorry...i do get up to take a dump and the like and go to the DOCTORs and on tests and the like so I hope everyone does not miss QUEENIE too much--should you have kids please do not neglect their needs OKAY as to the old man he can wait on himself he is a big boy is he not???? HAVE A HAPPY 4th --- QUEENIE HAS SPOKEN--LOV YA (((((hugs))))

  • Xena

    Thought you might like some "true confessions" from other board addicts from this thread:

    I tend to flux in my posting habits....depending on my mood and the amount of time I have and how full the moon is....but I always come back for my FIX

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